Happy Days.

I saw someone criticise another for moaning about the current system, yet never proposing an alternative. It is a statement I have often heard. I began thinking and came up with the following:

This may be the solution to the ills of a nation near you. That particular nation appears to have it’s share of difficulties. For many years the country has been operating a system that, if pursued, will eventually lead to economic and ecological disaster. The people (some) recognise the impending peril, yet they appear to be powerless to halt the danger. Someone, they feel, will solve the problems on their behalf. Thus it is, every so often governments are selected to rid the nation of it’s woes.

Half of the populace would like to install a government that would pursue policies that they feel would be of personal benefit. The other half would rather see a different kind of government – one that they feel would far better suit their needs. Eventually, such a system leads to a catastrophic breakdown.

A suggestion to avert the impending doom.

You, as an elector, suggest a policy that you would like to see introduced. Let’s say, for example, you would like to see clean drinking water for all as a priority.
Someone else sees clean air as a priority.
Another, animal welfare.
Another, child welfare.
Another concerned citizen might see the ending of knife crime to be the number one priority.
Each person has a different idea for the betterment of society. All are considered.
The electorate – the populace – the entire nation – those with the ability to read, would then choose what they consider to be most beneficial. The results are collated. It will be noticed that there is some measure of agreement on what appears to be important.

Now we need to select someone to implement the people’s choice. Candidates put themselves forward for selection. They have no affiliation to any political parties. It is seen as important to put an end to self-interested politicians. No more divide and rule. An end to the divisive choice between red or blue – right or left – no capitalist, communist, socialist - just that which is good for all.

That was my thought. I am sure there are numerous pitfalls - please feel free to draw my attention to such!