happy safe harbor day to you

and Kropotkin, what exactly is safe harbor day?

Glad you asked…safe harbor day is the official day that the congress must, must
accept the results of the states certifications… in other words, congress must accept
the results of the states certifications as of today… not tomorrow, but today…
so states have to certify no later then today… congress must accept the certifications
as of today… which means even if say, New York tried to decertify the results
tomorrow, it wouldn’t be legal… as all battleground states have certified,
those are the results that will be sent to congress and approved…

thus at midnight tonight, EST, the results of the election is set… it cannot be
changed legally…

that is why TX has sued the battleground states to nullify the election…
however the problem with Texas suing, it has no standing… it legally cannot sue
another state if it has no standing…and the courts don’t legally have to take that case…

so under what grounds could Texas sue another state… say New York…
if in some way the state of New York somehow damaged Texas

but Texas has to show clear and present damage in any such action…

how do the votes and certification of a federal election in another state
damages Texas? It doesn’t…and that is why Texas has no standing…
and the lawsuit will be thrown out…


watching magats do mental gymnastics for the last few weeks has been a blast. i never knew so many people didn’t know how courts work.

Safe harbor to a sailor means something entirely different, And it sickens me that anyone would corrupt such a refuge from a storm. Here the guns protect you. You are on home ground.

Sorry, I do get it.

Dec. 14, the electoral colleges casts it’s votes, the results are sealed and delivered to Vice President Mike Pence.

Jan 3, and the new Congress is seated.

Jan 6, The members of Congress meet to formally count the electoral vote.

The sealed result are in the possession of Mike Pence, between December 14th, and Jan. 6th.

If I were a betting man, I’d guess this would be the time frame and window to rig the election.

I am banking on Mike Pence being an honorable man.

You can bank on it but don’t bet on it.Mowk.

I look forward to the day when we’ll know that the people coughballotthievescough have spoken and our newly elected president takes office to lead this great nation into the future.

That is all. Thank you and good day.