Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to wish everyone in the United States a happy Thanksgiving today!! It’s almost one, eastern standard time and people are startingto show up here at my house. We should be carving the turkey at around three. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thanksgiving commemorates the mass murder and subsequent years of exploitation and discrimination levelled against native americans. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Get over yourself, oh altrueistic one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too :slight_smile:

Now comes the fun part… leftovers for dinner thw whole rest of the week!! Groans Oh well, at least no one can beat my dad’s stuffing :smiley:

Do any of the other countries have a similar holiday?

and do Canadians and Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving?

The Germans have October Fest, but that’s just a good-timing beer-drinking wake-your-neightbors type thing. It’s not really a holiday.