Has anyone learned to think in the meantime?

I was a way for a while. I’m hoping there’s been some progress.

We’ll need a context of course.

And by “learning to think”, to what extent does that revolve around the assumption that if others don’t think about something in exactly the same manner that you do, they have not learned to think.

Go ahead, pick the context yourself and make the exchange worthy of a philosophy board discussion.

And, sure, by all means, consult with the stars first.


Do you mean “away”?

I too have been away. On my return the site has been hijacked by a small collection of Trumptards.

So, no. No visible progress.

Yes, progress, some guy named freakybird signed up and I’m pinning some serious hopes on this guy.

Member count is over 7000, but your views and can get thousands of views a day with an average of 4 people currently on at one time.

Jacob, are you a Trumptard? :laughing: :evilfun: :-"

It could be anything. The one I tend to focus in on first myself is abortion. Why? Because 1] it is an issue that almost all of us come to think about eventually 2] it is an issue that literally revolves around life and death and 3] it is an issue of particular importance to me because it is the issue that came to reconfigure my own thinking from an objectivist frame of mind to a point of view that “here and now” is “fractured and fragmented”…“I” derived subjectively from the existential trajectory of the very life I live.

In detail, I broach and then explore all of it on this thread: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 1&t=194382

The OP in particular.

How about you? Care to note a context of your own and explain to us what it means to you to “LEARN TO THINK” about it"?

How about you, Wendy? Along with magsj, I’ve been after you for weeks now to jettison your own chickenshit persona here, and explore in detail how you yourself came to “learn to think” about your own political prejudices.

Here for example: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 1&t=196007

No lie, i am trying to think less. Presuming to know is a disease, and I realize i’m sick.

Gasp! Another chickenshit!!

Pick one:


Nope, the right one: :laughing:

Now it’s :wink:

get it, got it, good.

Okay, but this is the philosophy board. Not a yak, yak, yak social media outlet The topic is “learning to think”. And it was posted in the philosophy forum.

I proposed this:

You’ll either pay homage to those who did explore the art of “thinking” philosophically down through the ages or you won’t.

Again, all we need is a context.

I pay homage to classical philosophers who admit to not knowing. i pay homage to eastern philosophies that advise to think less or else have simple thoughts.

Just because my approach to logic usage is different than yours doesn’t mean your art of thinking is better. #-o

Happy are the ignorant.

I suppose what has been learned is decidedly not to think.

I do think that simple-thought thing is a misinterpretation of Buddha.
He was advocating having the right thoughts, not simple ones.

In many areas of life, accepting of ignorance and simplicity of thought are the way to go. But in psychology, politics or engineering, nothing is ever simple, because nothing is ever monadic in those areas, which is why Nirvana feels so good when you’re used to politics. A mistake would be to try to apply blissful simple mindedness to psychology or politics. You’ll be deceived and more likely do ill than good. Fairly certainly in fact.

Politics is essentially evil, as in actively deceitful and violent, usually immoral more than merely a-moral; active intellectual grasp of will with these qualities is required for making sense out of politics. As Buddha recommended to have no evil thoughts, a Buddhist should not attempt to do politics, nor did the ascetic Roman wise men ever aspire to understand the machinery of the state.

The design of the original Roman state, by the way, is still the only viable form of democracy that I know. Party politics is absurd and never did work, only directly voting for people based on their character, in a system which is designed to disallow for unilateral policy making, is truest to human nature.

The Philosophy debates, disputes, and discussions ended 10 years ago.

I remember. I was there. I know what happened.

Discussion between Left & Right, Democrat & Republican, Liberal & Conservative, Communist & Nazi, is finished. There’s no point talking anymore. 2020 proved to everybody that we are at the point of violence. The recent death threats and threats of violence from WWIII, with the silent support and approval from most on this forum, also prove the fact. The mainstream-Left within the US is openly advocating Domestic Terrorism.

I consider them Traitors, Treasonous, and enemies of the Republic. They are not loyal to the US Constitution, and so they are self-admitted Non-Americans. This is also proved by their loyalty to Illegal Immigration. Nothing “American” about this new class of terrorism and terrorists.

Democrats are against Democracy (defrauding the election).

Liberals are against Liberty (Human Rights, Constitution).

The Left is now Right, Right is Left, society has turned 360 and completed the circle (supporting violence, ignoring Biden’s approval of Uighyer Muslim Genocide, pro-terrorism).

Well, I learned that I’m quite lucky.
I learned I should cherish every bit of intelligence i have today.
My freedom from all aversion seems to have worn off.
I don’t think I can meditate to that level again.
It was so nice, while it lasted.
Am not sure how to get it back.
I still have some degree of peace, so I’m not off my ass yet.
Years ago i thought that distrust of one’s own thoughts
was one of the few paths out of mind control.
That is hard to do though.

That’s all I’ve got for now.
Welcome back Jakob.