Has the Internet had its day?

Everything just seems so mindlessly boring on it lately.

Maybe I need to get a life.

Yes it has.

Good luck with that.
Such a lack is what filled the internet to begin with.

My main problem with “getting a life” is that I work most evenings, when everyone else does interesting things. Oh well, at least I’m working.

Far more valuable than you think.
When you haven’t even that work to do, what is there in life these days?
The homeless are now being scooped up in the USA for not having such work and taken away to never be heard from again, “FEMA termination camps”.

No, by 2100 or 2200, every human will have the opportunity to have a direct access to the internet with no computer, but with microchips and other devices implanted directly into the brain, or on the skin, or through an ipod or another device. We are headed toward the matrix.

Everybody will be connected together in a global network of virtual interface by 2100. There will be one world government controlling all nations and peoples.

Isn’t FEMA the disaster relief agency?

That’s just a codeword. FEMA has a happy face, projected image to the public, but its roots are more nefarious, deceptive, dark, and evil. FEMA is just appealing to the people, for what they will eventually become used for, which is population control and eugenics.

No one is sticking stuff in my brain, not for anything.

Yes. And “the disaster” is that they cannot control enough of the population through the monetary schemes in which they placed their highest hope. There are too many of “the wrong kind of people”. Thus anyone found not participating, must be eliminated so as to divert “the disaster”.

Well, talking of work, I must dash.

Don’t dash in the dark. :mrgreen:

What if it gave you eyes and made you see the world?

People here, you people have no idea what the future holds. I’ve seen the future, and it is far beyond everything you can imagine.

Besides, who cares if a few people “don’t want” the internet directly injected into their brains, like it is shown in the movie the matrix? Most people will do this, after it becomes safe, popular, and easy. Most of the humans in the world will get implants, because they want to. Transhumans will be the majority, not the minority.

“Transhuman” means “no longer human”.

They will be more machine than man.

As if people are not already?

Consider “The Eschatology of Organic Life”.


Evolution is impotent and serves no purpose or end if not devoutly resisted.

Evolution is nature, the process by which females unconsciously prefer and select some males to continue our heritage, while rejecting and denying others, which condemns these ousted males to extinction. Evolve or die.

Resistance is futile

If a woman closes her legs to you, then you are set for extinction. A woman’s sexual attraction is the mechanism of evolution.

I never do.

No, I would never agree to having stuff stuck into my brain, even if it could give me some artificial semblence of “sight”.