Hate and love, so different, so alike.

Love and hate are quite similar emotions for both are extreme and powerful passions. Has anyone ever loved someone to the extent that they would kill for them? How often have we heard it said? But what sort of love allows one to kill? When someone looses someone that they truly love, or if that someone is unfaithful what happens? Naturally the betrayed feels the need for vengeance.

For Example, let’s say that a man dearly loves a certain woman. Everything seems to be amazing between them and then, very slowly, things begin to change. Suddenly the male suspects that the female is no longer faithful to him, and whether she is faithful of not is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that he is so angered that he not only feels betrayed but, can in fact, be very much filled with hate against the female.

There are so many cases of men and women killing their partners out of jealousy, because they loved them to the extent that they would kill. They would kill them if only to stop another from having them. Love so easily turns to hate, of course it does not do so on its own, but it does not take much.

Then there are those people so much in love that they’re impossible to separate. And then, tragically, on of them dies. Say that a woman is widowed. Sometimes, people are grieved and deal with their pain accordingly. Sometimes, when love is denied or taken from them, it turns to terrible hate, an unbearable and uncontrollable hate.

[size=100][size=18]Some people become suicidal. Some people must be placed in protective custody, while others must be locked away because they’re a hazard to who they might think killed their lover – if that is the case. How maddening is it to have had someone you love taken from you and you are imprisoned because of your need for revenge. But what does revenge help? Why do people go after murderers and become one’s themselves? Do murder, and hatred, and revenge bring back the dead? Does it make the suffering more tolerable if the person who instigated the suffering has their own pains?

Furthermore, and just a little of the subject, I would like dearly to understand the gossipers of the world. Those people who relish in spreading dark rumours about others, who like to make up little fantasies for their own amusement, who like to make other people’s lives a living hell though it makes their life no better. It is sadism. Why go out of your way to make another person feel pain? What does it help you? Why spread something that may not be true? What is the point?

Back to the topic, when someone becomes so filled with hate they begin to hate those they loved and love those they hate. An example of this is a ‘love triangle.’ Going back to the first situation with the male being jealous that the woman is with another, say that these thoughts were placed into his mind by another female. Say that the female is one that the male did not love, though not necessarily hate. But suddenly this woman has saved the man from the cruelty of his unfaithful lover. And as human beings we can not live alone with loss for too long. So then we turn around and love those that caused us pain so that, either they may not hurt us again, or because we’re so blinded by our own anger that those we loved are now hated and we share common enemies with those that once were our own adversaries.

The act of hating weakens us in a way that we are made inhumane and evil. Some people become strong through hate and they actually love and thrive on it. That is how hate can lead to love; that you hate something to such an extent that not hating it would be your destruction and hence you love to hate. If the object of your hate was destroyed, it would do you no pleasure because who then would you hate?

Hate and love, so different, so alike.[/size]

I once was told that you can’t hate something, unless you loved it once. Ever since then the word hate only gets spoken when it is in reference to something/someone I once loved dearly. i.e. ex-girlfriends who have done me wrong, etc.
What do you think? People really use these terms without knowing the powerful emotions they signify.