Have you ever had a supernatural or religious experience?

Please explain.

Have you ever had a supernatural or religious experience?

Yeah, it was not what it seemed.

I have them all the time. I have a strong connection with nature, and when I’m out in it, in the woods for example, or in other places, away from civilisation on my own, it can often completely overload my senses. I’ve also experienced what I would describe as auditory halucinations, and olfactory ones too. Discarnate voices talking to me, for example, when I knew there was no one there, and strange smells. These only tend to occur at specific locations though, where the energies are strong, and only at certain times of day and year.

Yes. I have had experiences with precognition and Wholeness. Trying to explain these is like trying to explain a color to someone who has been blind from birth. You will know these experiences if you have them.


Do you have any religious affiliation or beliefs?

Yes, several religious, slow motion/time slowed, missing aspects of entertainment/scenes disappearing, spontaneous OBEs, and one “ghost” voice. The longest religious experience lasted a month of being led. Still trying to make sense of it all.

I’m a Pagan. I prefer the term experiences, rather than beliefs.

As do I. I’m having one now.

Just a reminder that for those who do have these spiritual/religious experiences, I have created a thread – ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 5&t=186929 – aimed at exploring them by way of examining more in depth how one connected the dots existentially between these experiences and morality on this side of the grave and immortality on the other side of it.

In other words, an attempt [in a philosophy venue] to go beyond the personal experience itself and explore how this experience might be described to others such that there is the possibility of others replicating the experience themselves as well.

Also, attempts to provide actual evidence that might allow you to demonstrate to others that the experience is more than just something that happened to you. Something that might allow the world to get closer to understanding the spiritual world beyond just personal experiences.

Why are you asking?