Heavens bistro/ Divine eating

Not only must we now enter into an age where we choose only the best ingrediants for ourselves, because there should be no reason to eat badly reared animals and fish, fruit and vegetables covered in chemicals, we must also know how to eat them correctly .

We should be aware of The magical process that occurs when we eat.

The Bulgarian spiritual master Mikhael aivanhov gives his talk on the spiritual side to eating food here cygnus-books.co.uk/features/ … vanhov.htm

He explains the effect good and bad foods have on our physical and etheric bodies, and the positive and negative sides to eating our food incorrectly.

Omraam was a member of what is called the universal white brotherhood {white as in white magic} . A group similiar to the order of the golden dawn. This movement leans heavily on the wisdom of hermes trigmesterus. So if you like omraams take on food, thank hermes trigmesterus for it.

Hermes trigmesterus is the one who gave us the emerald tablets.
Egyptian Esoteric/spiritual wisdom. which you can read about here;


The symbol we see in chemists and pharmacies to this day is the sign of hermes , a very ancient symbol. You will have seen it before. It is two winged serpents intertwined on a pole.

It is now regarded as a pharmacutical sign. But it means something very different. The dragons represent sexual energy, and if you read my thread on hercules and the tale of the hydra of lerna, you will see what I mean.

The serpant is traditionally used in most cultures, celtic, hindu, buddhist as a symbol of sexual energy. But this is besides the point. Let us get back to nutrition and focus of the mind for now.

Hermes sayings ;
"You separate the Earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently with great industry " and " Separate the Earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, acting prudently and with judgement "
are describing an entire philosophy of the mind that you can get an idea of here cygnus-books.co.uk/mind_body … hought.htm

Bulgarian mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. Born in 1900 and teaching in France in the 1930’s, he posited that thoughts are “recorded”; they put lines of communication in place on the astral level. “From there to the material gesture,” said Aivanhov, “is only a short step.”


You will find that Aivanhovs attitude towards food reflects all that is contained in the worlds religions regarding the morals, ethics, and mindfulness of eating .

Buddhism :

online.sfsu.edu/~rone/Buddhism/B … tarian.htm

Hinduism :

In the link directly below you will see an explanation of why hindu monks and preists must be vegetarian , and have a pure diet.

experiencefestival.com/a/Eat … m/id/51476



The ethics of Mohammed & Islam with regards to spiritual purification through abstinence from meat and other polluting foods.

" Mohammed could only have been in favour of vegetarianism, although he may have been unable to impose this philosophy on the majority. He always showed the greatest compassion-“universal compassion” –and he exhorted his followers to do the same.

Such a man could never advocate the slaughter of innocent animals in the name of religion "

From here ;

houston.eknazar.com/Articles/Art … ml?aid=148


" we are endowed with the ability to actually elevate the food by eating it with the proper intention "

From link below.


" On Shavuot, as we stress the idea of purity, we avoid eating meat and instead eat milk. Milk can be seen as a representation of breast milk -representing the purity of childhood .

This tradition consists of staying up the whole of the night of Shavuot and studying Jewish texts. Traditionally, this study includes Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah ".

Taken from link below.


For my part in all of this, well I have lived this way for many years now, seperating the subtle from the gross. In fact , it has been the one thing in my life I have been very concerned about really. My diet reflects this, as do my choice of words and thoughts.

I have felt for myself what this philosophy of seperating subtle from gross means. And I share a common bond with all those people, from whatever religion and culture, who practice the same things, only under a different name. And I wish them all well.