Hell awaits you if....

If you receive pleasure at another’s expense, hell awaits you.

Okay, admittedly, from time to time, I experience pleasure from making fools out of the pinheads here. Though not you because right or wrong I’m convinced you have a “condition”. It’s often “beyond your control”.

Hell then awaits me?

What does that mean though? A literal Hell as some religious folks here insist?

Or the lower-case hell as you understand it “in your head”?

Then the part where you actually demonstrate that what you think hell is there is in fact what awaits those who receive pleasure at the expense of another.

All of us, in other words.


I appreciate what you’re trying to do. You have no idea that we’re all immortal. It’s above your pay grade - apparently.

I’ve given up trying to explain to people.

It used to mean something to me to get people to understand life.

It doesn’t anymore.

I just focus on my job now.

Indeed, and the reason for that is, like you now, I was once willing to accept that if I had an idea about something like immortality that was proof enough that it was true. I believed in it because I was a Christian once.

I figured if I explained what I believed about it [and God] in my head, then others would come to believe the same in their heads.

But then I started bumping into those who insisted it just wasn’t enough to believe in immortally and God in my head, I had to be able to demonstrate that immortality and God really did exist real.

Only I couldn’t. Not beyond a “leap of faith”.

How about you? Is your belief in “immortality for all” just another leap of faith? Or do you have actual empirical, material, phenomenological proof that it is in fact the “real deal”?

What do you do for work, and can we see its effects in the real (external) world? Is this work hard labor, or intellectual (internal)?

Is money real?

Is any value real?

Is the reality of a thing on a continuum between lasting zero units of time/space and existing in every unit of time/space? Does (ALL) stuff IN YOUR HEAD change over time?

Also… does (ANY) stuff IN YOUR HEAD (internal) ever, like, have consequences in the real (external) world? Is everything external real? Is everything internal “all in your head“? Does the reality/finality of those consequences follow same continuum rules as rest of reality?


It doesn’t matter.

I’ve seen all your leaders (deities).

I needed to assess the problem.

To do that, I was required to do a soul split.

This is not the same as multiple personalities…

I needed to gather information.

You have no choice in this matter.

Heaven on earth is hell for beings like me.

Hell on earth is hell for beings like me.

You are confused about a world system like this.

Sounds like you’re going to hell then Ecmandu. Seems like you fantasize about other people getting their justice-pain.

to quote the great philosopher john baldwin gourley, “who cares if hell awaits? we’re having drinks at heaven’s gate”.

Besides just usual sufferings in life, hell is a real dimension. You’ve either been there or you haven’t.

It’s real.

This is how it works…

Empaths can’t go to heaven. They hurt when anyone hurts.

Only sociopaths can go to heaven.

Some sociopaths make it to heaven and most don’t.

Eventually the sociopaths will be pulled down by the other sociopaths.
That means everyone goes to hell eventually … and it’s forever.


That’s why existence needs an analog patch.

The more the discoveries of quantum mechanics, and relativity are beginning to be realized as essential structural elements of how things are, the more that comes closer to the egoless analogy of the soul.

The idea of the soul could be a manifestation of high energy fields, that interact with lower ones in ways which behave in similar manner.

This may not be a far fetched representation .

We need to rethink heaven (& hell), because hurting does not equate to hell or negate heaven. God is basically synonymous with heaven, and his ultimate demonstration of himself was the cross. So. Count it all joy, as long as it is in line with Golden Rule love (don’t know? ask them!).

Hell is defined on a continuum of, “I don’t want this to be happening”

Empaths can NEVER enter heaven. EVER.

Your God/Cross stuff is delusional.

Existence needs to be patched so that empaths aren’t eternally damned unless they get sociopathic. And then there’s all the sociopaths who didn’t make it to heaven, who pull the sociopaths in heaven down.

That also needs to be patched.

I would say hell is that mental space you shoot the arrow into despite believing there is no mark… when you are surrounded by it from within and without.

“Empaths can NEVER enter heaven. EVER.”

You can’t enter what you’re already in.

“Your God/Cross stuff is delusional.”

The cross is a historical fact. Ask Bart Ehrman. He’s not completely wrong about everything.

“Existence needs to be patched so that empaths aren’t eternally damned unless they get sociopathic.”

How about we let folks decide to accept God’s love? You know… some empaths do get kinda sociopathic when they are overwhelmed. They’re called INFJs. They’ve also been known to be world changers, but. It’s like taking up the cross.

“And then there’s all the sociopaths who didn’t make it to heaven, who pull the sociopaths in heaven down.”

Only God can really save you from drowning. Sometimes he uses other people who used to be drowning & sometimes … forget how to swim.

“That also needs to be patched.”

The hell it doesn’t :slight_smile:

You can’t think straight.

God and human god kings are immediately exposed as frauds if anyone hurts for any reason:

…If the hell spectrum even exists for any being.

When it comes to love… Wouldn’t you think that someone who ran away at the first sign of conflict or pain is the fraud?

Why is love pain?

Why does god abuse those he loves?

Don’t you get it yet?

Everyone DESERVES to get everything that they always want FOREVER at the expense of nobody.

That’s possible to do.

Unconditional love (free of inclination) can never be deserved, but it can also never be forced on us. So hell has be a viable option in order for unconditional love to be a choice.

No. None of that’s true. All you need is otherness to perceive … not dichotomies like “there must be evil for there to be good”.

Evil is everything right now. Anything violating the pleasurable exclusive access problem always has been, is and will always be the root of all evil.

God is the root of all evil. The cruelty of his martyrdom is mind blowing.

You’d think a Christian would be smart enough to figure out the world devolved over the last 2000 years.

Not the messiah.

I’ve said before that evil is not the opposite of good (all dichotomies are false, because no contradictions can play) but is instead a privation of it and requires good in order to exist. Good… the mark surrounding you. Love.

Again, there are 3 not 2 realms, the middle is what Catholics call purgatory, and to transverse realms into only two: heaven , bell, is to bring the notion down into a duplicity of nominalism. Who, in this day and age can equivocate absolutes like good and evil?

The real fact is that most if not all of us need purging in a Greg area of many shades, and to dismiss this and other sources , the Tibetan Book of Dead among others, is exactly what a positivism has done to this world, namely preaching old worn out dialectical forms, as ways to approach the near unapproachable.

Next thing , the convenience of avoiding any mention of a spiritual world, gaining popularity even among those physists, with improved skills of interpretation.