Hell is…

Hell is…

…every part of yourself that quarantines God (self=other)… pushes back… says no.

When there is a self=other conflict/incongruity between your will and God’s… who wins?


It’s the God-shaped hunger we feed with junk:
ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.p … 7#p2915607

In my own experience,
hells are corrupt punishment control structures.

You are talking about hell as a condition inside us, it seems,
while i generally reserve hell for the idea of over punishment.

Yeah it is a condition of chosen opposition, of refusal. We get what we want—NOT what we don’t want (if we don’t want heaven…self=other).

To the degree we seek self=other, we find it. To the degree we refuse it in ourselves (incl. from others)… we lose it.

It is a natural+ consequence.

I’m with dan on this one.

Although to be honest, I was misunderstood before I found the 12 structural problems of existence for the first time in existence.

So people were confused.

They also became upset by me when I was using those twelve problems to secure a place in the deepest pits of hell.

So I had to come up with the 4 defenses.

Institutionalization is WAY more compassionate than the deepest pits of hell.
People don’t like being called retarded. If they see my teaching and know their truth but they can’t change…

I institutionalize then on a behavioral tic disorder.

You can do spiritual institutionalization without locking them up on a ward.

You simply disempower them.

They abused their license…. They get it taken away.


but you confirm their will so they stop changing it for the wrong reasons, since they refuse the right one


You’re accusing me of doing everything done to everyone with self=other.

We have to call you mentally retarded to keep you out of hell.

You’re not fit to stand trial.

Three hots & a cot, please. I’m a writer now! I just won the lottery!


Hell is other people.

John Paul Sartre.


Hell? places on Earth…

Hell? was probably erupting volcanoes, razing cities to the ground as they spewed their fiery sulphuric debris over the panicking citizens running for their lives…