Hello from a new registree.

Hi everyone,

Well, what a magnificent website! Just a quick browse through the forums has encouarged me to register & speak with you guys.

I haven’t studied philosophy on a regular basis since I complete my Honours degree two years ago. I didn’t enjoy the university experience once the hard work kicked in, and for that reason I was really put off philosophy for a while.

But my interest (particularly in philosophy of religion) has returned recently, and I’m very keen not to forget too much of what got me my degree.

So I’ll look forward to joining in some conversations soon!

Good to meet you all,



When you say philosophy of religion…do you mean as a historian?
Do you consider yourself a rational person?

What an odd question to ask a stranger, Pogma! Are you Jewish?

Welcome aboard Brian. As someone interested in philosophy of religion, are you familiar with any of the ideas of the French theologian/social scientist Rene Girard. Once I’ve finished my work here, I’m going to post something about him, as he bases his belief in God and his entire Christianity on three enormous insights into human nature. I’ve been quite blown away by the gravity of his ideas over the last week. I return home on Saturday, and plan to write about him next week. I look forward to your hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for responding, guys.

Pogma, as someone who is easing himself back in to thinking more about philosophy, I would say that I have an interest in the history of the philosophy of religion. However, I must say that I find myself interested in this subject in particular because of its huge influence on our world. I’m keen to form a clearer opinion for myself on what fact, if any, we can take from what religion, be it Christianity, Buddhism etc.

I would consider myself a rational person, of course. Do you mean, do I consider myself a rationalist thinker? To an extent, I would consider myself a rationalist thinker. However, I feel that the problem with that is that your philosophical gains will always be limited, since there is only so much we can learn from rationalist deduction. I feel that we must use empirical data to advance our thinking. If we observe, then we can hypothesise, and attempt to prove (or at least look for contradictory empirical data).

Pangloss, Girard is not someone whom I’ve come across. It must be said though that I have forgotten a lot of what I’ve studied! I have a little knowledge of the more famous philosophers: Hume (a personal favourite), Descartes, and some of the more modern American pragmatist philosophers (I’m also a fan of Albert Camus but that’s a whole different thing!).

In saying that, I’d love to read his thoughts, and more of yours, so I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon, and please feel free to send me an e-mail if you wish.



Welcome to the forum Brian!

Rationalism and empiricism are both important. I am also a big fan of Albert Camus.

I’m an Australian.
Are Jews peculiar as far as you’re concerned?

I’m interested in proper knowledge, I’d be surprised if it will be found in unmodified religious texts, especially those that became “organized”.

I have an interest in human nature, just as long as it doesn’t include me bowing down to any transcendent authority figure…there’s no need to fear God, just know him.
I like Teilhard De Chardin, so I do have respect for those within organized religious circles, but they need to be radicals.

I suspect you’ll be disappointed, the ethos is currently saturated with either the atheist mindsst of scientism or a variety of illogical God myths.

It’s my advice and always will be my advice that the radicals of society have a handle on the truth, of course these people must be logical and be subject to rational scrutiny.
As an example, the great Erich Fromm doesn’t even rate a mention in my Philosophy dictionary, but numerous others who can’t be understood are prominent.


No problem, the goal of any genuine truthseeker should be the acceptance of a pluralistic epistemology.


You can also check out this thread for more of my views on religion and science.

welcome brian!
although im an atheist, i find that this board so far has been too secular… the few and frequent that belief have been dogmatic. looking forward to reading posts by you.

Peculiar, Australian, Jews all in one sentence. :astonished:

Greetings EVH5150.

Just help yourself,
to my lips, to my arms
just say say words and they are yours.
Just help yourself…bla blah bla.

Yes Jedi_Pockey! Religion has been the forerunner of many things (like philosophy), and although i am atheist, i enjoy and relish many religious ideas, even though i remain aware of the dangers that can accrue from a dogmatic intolerant view (whether it be atheist, religious or otherwise.) Few and far between have been the theologians willing to discuss their views on a rational unemotional level. Jay Brewer who signs on as a guest, comes to mind.

The board is profoundly secular, about the only part of my World that is…

I’m reading Frederick Copleston’s (catholic Priest) History of philosophy, which in the middle ages at least, reads almost like a history of religion. I find that stuff somewhat interesting, but probably more from an historical perspective.

I prefer the term “brilliant and original”, but radical comes close to describing the thought i relish.

I’ve perused the dead sea scrolls, the Koran, portions of the Bible, the dhammapada, i’ching, Martin Buber’s i and thou, paul Ricoeur’s symbolism of evil, a lot of Jiddu Krishnamurti who’s thought i greatly admire, and others. I especially like Buddhism. Indian mythologies i find colorful too.

hi… look forward to speaking to u. I’m new here too. :slight_smile:

Welcome to our campfire jgfan!

I have been wanting to have what I call ‘intelligent conversation’ for a while and I searched for a philosophy forum, this one seemed like the best one for me to join. Why did other people decide to join this forum?

My search method sounds identical to yours. I realized i needed to join a philosophy forum because in my locale noone even knows what that polysyllabic word means. So i looked in an internet search engine, felt that this was the best one, and my life has been filled with eternal bliss and happiness ever since.

I guess i joined ILP in order to talk to people about philosophy and religion. I don’t know any Jewish people locally for instance and here i can converse with Jews and other people from diverse backgrounds that i wouldn’t normally encounter in everyday life. I can learn from people who are studying philosophy in universities, i can share what little knowledge i have acquired on the subject, i can talk to people who have read the great literary classics of our time. I can debate with people who have considered the basic questions and thus hone my own thought. I can laugh, cry, share a spiritual insight, learn what it means to be human.

Marshall, you’re jewish?

  • ben

I always thought Marshall would be Irish, living on the East Coast and with a surname like McDaniel.

I am not Jewish. I am of Irish/Scottish descent, i just like learning about other cultures and ways of life.

Hello im God, ive followed this website since it started and now i felt it was time to introduce myself before thee. There are many topic’s and post’s ive found interest in, as well as some characters here :wink: and i feel it is time for thee all to know my wisdom.

I hopeth i may enlighten the path thee all take. :sunglasses:

Sincerely God.

Not to be pedantic God, but I’m curious as to why your post has so many grammatical errors in it. I have always assumed that God would speak and write perfectly. Perhaps you are trying to tell us something about the english language? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, nice post God. :smiley:

Grammar is of little importance.