hello to all

im new here and truth seeker. hope that i will find it,


Welcome to the site. There are many interesting characters here and many things to philosophize about.

What sort of philosophy interests you the most?

DIKAIOPOLIS: I hate the truth in every sense of the word. The only thing I like about it is that it is nowhere to be found.

RHAPSODOS: We are sailing on a red wine-sea, on a hollow ship, a black ship

SOKRATES: Don’t you mean wine-red sea, dear poet for you are a genius and such genius would never say something that isn’t utterly the best and clearly what I said is the best, is it not?

RHAPSODOS: When are we in Piraeus?

BOATSWAIN: Hohop-hop, hophop-hop…

DIKAIOPOLIS: Go on and don’t listen to that dreary talkish fellow. Come on and sing some more stories for us, for it is still a long voyage home. Have some wine by Zeus!

RHAPSODOS: By Zeus I shall have some wine… now where was I… the wine-red sea, a black ship, a hollow ship and the boatswain says “hophop-hop, hohop-hop.”

I hesitate to suggest that you have been here before. :evilfun:
If I am wrong, I apologize for my skepticism.
But clearly…

How do YOU recognize truth?
Where else, besides a philosophy forum and the impeccably-typed word, might you expect or hope to find truth?