hello to all

im new here and searching after purpose of human life.

Why confine yourself to One? Are you a philosopher or a priest/religious?
Enjoy the journey. It never ends til it ends. Hope you like mazes.

can you explain what do you mean by till it ends ? and what do you meant by mazes ? huh? =D>

anyways ultimately you have said that there is no purpose of human life. for our search for purpose of human life will end with our life ? =D>

this you could say directly instead of telling me in indirect ways. :laughing: now because `1 person cannot do some business does not means that no one can do that business within entire world.

someone else with better understand will come and do it and show the real sound profit. so who is better ? 1st who says out of hoplessness close the business, close the business there is no profit in it ? OR that 1 who says just manage it properly and i will show the profit ?

The purpose of life is to have no purpose otherwise there would be no purpose.

than =D> 1st of all you get lost cuz there is no purpose so i will kick on your face 1st. and kick you out.

Hi Serendipper,

I am trying to wrap my mind around that sentence but it still does not ring true to me though I cannot fathom why. :-k

So are you saying here that without a blank slate, nothing could be written (metaphorically speaking)?

I do not know if anyone is ever born with any particular kind of purpose - one that is meant for us, chosen for us beforehand, but would you agree that life is more meaningful when we go in search of a purpose?

Otherwise, what are we but just leaves which blow in the wind, taking us here or there but without any real destination.

When we consider/ponder how the universe has evolved, how Earth, humans and animals, et cetera have evolved, do you not ever experience some intuition that there just might be some purpose behind it all?

That is not to say that there is but who can ever really know unless at some point it is absolutely revealed to us - but even then, would we accept it? For myself, probably not.


Our search for the ultimate meaning of life or for our life only ends with Death - that end.

I do not see life as moving in one straight line going forward. It can be like a maze with different twists and turns, where we are quite capable of getting lost but hopefully at some point we find our way moving forward (though not necessarily in a straight line) in search of our purpose or a different purpose. A maze can do that you know. Purposes are not fixed to me.

“Anyways” - oh how I hate that word.
But we do find our own individual purpose. As for each of us having a designated purpose by a designated entity, although the idea of destiny and fate is a romantic one, I find it difficult to believe.

…and is not that the beauty of existence?

The one with realistic hope who keeps on keeping on!!!lol

The purpose of life is to smell roses.

And to drink when thirsty and eat when hungry, and fornicate when horny.

Always in moderation as any good Taoist will do.

Everything else is superfluous.


You did mean that figuratively, right? Or is everything else excluded?

What about looking up at the stars in wonderment? Is that superfluous?