What’s happening ILP? Who is left from the old days, and what have you jerks been up to?

Do you remember speaking to me?

I’m still here.


I think so. In the Zimmerman thread a while back.

Hello Dan. Good to see you’re still around.

I don’t recognize you mr. reasonable, but howdy to you too.

I used to be smears.

Hello. I’m not an old ILPer but…

How’s Florida, Tristan? Still liking it? And school and Neetcha? And Kujo (I think that’s he’s name)? What’s he up to?


Oh snap, sup man! How you been?

Florida is great. School’s good and I’ve started dissertation work on the Neetcha. Kuqo is doing ok. He messed up his knee a few months back, and needed surgery, but he got through it.

Nice. Thought you’d like Florida, especially during winter. Awwww… poor Kuqo, baby… Bet that wasn’t cheap?
You should post some of your dissertation here. The folk here love Freedie. I’m sure they’d love to give some constructive criticism. :laughing:

PS I bought Plutarch’s Lives. Looks a good read.

The Lycurgus part is awesome. I don’t know about posting excerpt of my stuff here is smart, what with the possibility of being charged with plagiarizing myself. I’m always down to talk Nietzsche though.

What happened to the ILO crew?

What part of FL?

Southern part.

I love anything south of boca.

XZC :smiley:

It’s been a while… glad all is well with you.