Writing job , where daily earning between 50 to 100 $ is ok.
If any one interested in providing job , msg me.
Can provide interesting SUPPORTIVE CONTENT to write research papers.

Which language do you intend to use?


His posts are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. I hope that he does not intend to write in English. :wink:

I am glad I held off making a comment. I do have to ask, what language is This? What country speaks This?

Ok serious note: Go pound the pavement, Submit your work in person. If you can’t find work where you are move to a better location even if it means being homeless. A dime in a dozen only stands out if it shines.

Dude Kris is quite right, polish yourself and your spec, put yourself about like a tuppeny whore, pound the pavement, no one in life is going to be given a job on the basis of a post on a forum, except perhaps forum moderators, and that is not really a job more a commitment to hell. :slight_smile:

Just as a side-note:

If you just made this phrase up, trying to riff off the idiom ‘a dime a dozen,’ I don’t think it works. ‘A dime a dozen’ literally means something is so common that you can purchase a dozen of them for a dime - figuratively, saying something is ‘a dime a dozen’ is saying it’s cheap and, more importantly in most cases, easy to find. It’s the opposite of ‘standing out’.


Fj I know exactly what a dime a dozen means. I also know a dozen dimes look the same unles one is new and shiny. Humans will, like crows, pick the shiny dime. People are a dime a dozen now, A dozen in an area will have the same skills for one job. The brightest stand out. Jeez I can’t believe I had to explain this the others got the references.

no one to offer me a job here?

Nope, but, you can have all the moral support and criticism you can handle.

so krist , do you work.
what field?

I am an Animal nanny for one family.