Help me out, get 5$ (paypal)

I’m working on a script, and I thought it would be a fucking smart idea to ask any of you to help me write some of the dialogue. If any of your posts ends up in the short, I’ll send you a symbolic $5, plus some cheese on any future earnings (lol, anyway), and a credit under the pen name of your choosing.

It’s a really artsy fartsy piece, black and white, inspired by Quentin Tarantino violence. The dialogue will be abstract and fucked up.

A groups of five people are sitting in chairs, waiting for something. There are five: The Drunk, The Kid, The Iai Artist, The Arrogant Novice and the Clueless Guy.

As they dialogue, they kill eachother, almost at random, and the conversation continues as if nothing important had happened.

The Drunk looks dirty and disheveled, wearing a dirty sport’s jacket over 90’s style shorts and a T-shirt. Under the jacket he has two holsters for whatever guns Travolta and Jackson used in Pulp Fiction. Carries around a bottle of cheap hard liquor.

The Kid is clean cut, simple, has a black and white suit that calls little attention. He has a modified sling on his waist where he holsters a small bow preloaded with an arrow, arrows in a strap he wore like a satchel at the same level.

The Iai Artist is lazy but always ready, with a lazyly interested perspective on life. Has a smoking jacket with a tie that’s maybe 2 sizes too big, it hangs loose but fits. On waistband thing is supposed to carry a sheathed sword, but it is usually used like a cane or to repose the head instead.

The Arrogant Novice looks flashy, he has a flashy suit (not necessarily distastefully so) and a matching holster with a big western-style revolver with, like, shiny gold plates or something.

The Clueless guy is very well dressed, a kind of preppy hipster, fashionable. Has all the right politically correct opinions on everything. Carries a cellphone on a modified gunsling. Obviously first to die.

I already have some dialogue, but I won’t tell it to you. What I want are things you think the character would say (and remember it’s an abstract movie), don’t worry about the story.

Or even jusr write random shit.

The Law of Preservation: To preserve, the originating activity must remain in flow/action. Once it has been stopped, it can only be braught back by making an interpretable code out of traces of it or out of creative encoding.

Give us an opening line, then their conversations can flow from that… otherwise there is no direction to go by…

You need to watch David Lynch’s EraserHead and Rabbits.

Here’s one:

Figures… The one thread that desperately needs trolls gets none.

Whats a lai artist?

Iai is the art of drawing a katana, striking, getting the blood off, and sheathing.

Sounds good I’ll be that guy.

Be whoever you like, though I see you more as the kid. The Iai guy is too lazy for you.

Wipes away manly Tear

I Think my mind is more active than my body though this has changed recently as I’m getting into better physical condition.

I Suppose I could, I just like Swords so much better than Bows.

I can relate to the ‘arrogant novice’ character best, but I ain’t no guy, guy.

I appologize for using “guy.” All characters are potentially women.

…why can’t all characters be non gender-specific until all characters are confirmed? they do that in da movies ya know :wink:

I actually frequent film and video sets, and any other kinda set, a lot - I prefer non mainstream films and videos because they have an edge, which I can relate to.

Feed us an opening line from one of the characters to start the conversation going, or is that what you want us to do?

The idea is for this to be like any other thread with sophisticatedly worded shit that may or may not make sense.

Honestly, I was hoping this would get trolled and we would move from there… Gimme a bit, I’ll think of something.

Haha ok, but have you noticed that you never get what you really want - Caldrid, Turtle, Trevor, b_m, Faust, OH, CN, Pav, Smears and JLW… amongst others, would have been great contributors to this thread for their natural wit.

I know… but they forsake me… Actually, I could do without CN and Calrid.

CN’s humour can be on the dry side, but Caldrid gives me bear jokes, or perhaps I just get his fellow-Brit humour :slight_smile:

The Kid looks at The Drunk, a woman of writhered beauty in her mid-forties.

The Kid: Why do you drink so much?

The Drunk: Because I am haunted by the dolphins.

For the Iai artist: “Just.”

Whoever: “Blah, blah, blah, why?”

Lai: “Just.”

Just so. Just is. Whatever. Meh.