I need to write a research argument on the “soul”, relating it to a current issue but also linking it to Philosophy. I have NO IDEA where to begin. PLEASE HELP!

look into your inner soul. bam! theres your paper.

unfortunetly that’s not helping :frowning:

i’m so ridiculously lost, of course I get stuck with the most intangible subject

An argument for or against the existence of the soul?

If you want to learn about any subject to defend or attack, I always recommend Google and Wikipedia.

Just from those two mediums, I’ve already found the following for you: … /soul.html … lowup.html

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Google provides millions of links to possible information on the soul. Wikipedia provides extensive insight into the subject, as well as suggestions (links) to other articles that may relate or be helpful. The internet is your friend.

Remember to always back up your opinion by facts leading to such opinion, or some form of evidence to support your statement. Keep this in mind and you’ll knock your teacher or opposing debate team out. Don’t be afraid to use the synonym finder in Word, either. A better fitting and/or more intelligent sounding word always puts a nice shine on a paper, as well.

well in holland they have wooden soles…

but kierkegaard was danish…

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O Sole Mio!!

try arguing the about the soul of the communist community and the likewise soulful philosophy of marx

james and aretha have left the building


Start with this:




i think i agree with Socrates, the soul is just that which is actualised by means of all the processes of the body. stupid answer, i guess, but hey

in fact i will go one step further. The soul is consciousness, pure and simple. people have different types of consciousness, and so they have different outlooks on life, moods, preferences, dilemmas, etc. They have different ways of interpreting their surroundings to shape their consciousness. And, our consciousness is, in turn, just a slave to matter, to atoms. Atoms just want to join. They do so because they want more secure chemical structures. And so, when we eat food, breathe oxygen, etc., we stimulate these atoms in our bodies to maintain their current chemical structures. What I mean is that consciousness has been developed by these chemical structures to keep themselves in tact ( according to me ). Sorry, that was probably obvious, but hey, i’m tryin to help ya! All your desires are merely those of atoms, ultimately. Atoms use your consciousness like auto-pilot, you do all the work for them in order to keep them all in more favourable energy-positions.

The soul is so abstract that a reasoning beyond material realm is imminent.

Wow, cool assignment. I’d write something about how the soul of the world constasntly wars with itself to attain knowledge of itself. I’d quote Heraclitus, Nietzsche, the Bhagavad Gita. How people’s personalities are only small parts of their souls, and how the their soul forces them the break open and become greater.

I had a soul once…a fillet of ……

Trust me, I definitely discovered that trying to write my paper. I got it done, horribly, but done. hahaha.

Nietzsche on new conceptions of the soul:



Nietzsche basically considers the soul to be what we call the subconscious. I agree with him.

First I would research what the word soul means to people, The most relevant topic of the modern day seems to be, soul, religion and the modern world. Does religion have a place in the modern world and therefore are the definitions of a soul changing.This way you should be able to link a number of philosophical ideas to the paper.


That’s a perfect description of the soul!

Why not start there?

The investigator, and news reporter rely on these simple questions to begin investigating anything.

Some sample questions to get you rolling:

Who invented or found the soul?
What was the original marketing scheme?
When was its initial roll out?
Where was the original marketing done?
Why is there a market for the soul?

You may need to use different questions if you are not writing for a business class.

I would try an argument that does not use example from any one specific religion. Bible verses are almost always dismissed if used as evidence in a metaphysical argument. I would try focusing on the logic behind souls, and attack the problem with the Scientific Method. If you want me to explain further, feel free to pm me: