Help needed

My grandaughter has just sent me the following. I am clueless. Anyone able to tell me how to calculate. :-k Many thanks. dd


Um… shouldn’t she be doing her own homework?

I’m sure she will… once someone has taught me - so that I might teach her!

Ah, ok.

well first figure out her probability to win the prize. her probability to not win is (1 minus pWin)

you know thi because all possible (mutually exclusive) outcomes add up to 1, so (pwin + plose) = 1 – this just means that theres a 100% chance that she will win or lose.


One chance out of 29.

Since the elites control everything, one must ask if she is one of the elites or not.

She probably isn’t, therefore her probability of not winning is 100% certain.

There approximately 29, twelves in 350. SO she has 1 chance in 29 ish., of winning, or 28ish chances in 1 of losing.

The probability of any ticket winning is 1/350

Since she has 12 tickets, her probability of winning is 12/350

Her probability of losing is 1 minus the probability of winning, which is 1- 12/350

So the probability that she will not win is 338/350

Derley… any gambling Person would have known the odds.

I take it you’re not a gambling person? otherwise you would have known, right off da bat. :slight_smile: … als10.html

350 - 12 = 338

Her probability of winning is 12 ÷ 350 = .0342, or 3.42%

The other 338 tickets have a 338 ÷ 350 = .9657, or 96.57% probability of winning.

So her probability of NOT winning is 96.57%

Unless it’s a corrupt raffle and the scout leader’s kid will win, then all bets are off.

1 is 100%, it is 1.00 which is 100%.

How the heck did you get that? Are you trolling?

Well what were the odds of that happening? …I guess I should have done my homework on that one, huh. :laughing:

Big thank you to all who took the time to offer assistance. Very grateful. =D>

I miss-read.
my post was the odds of someone winning.