Here's my question!

What’s that? That is the mind. Describe it in full.

Exactly how powerful do you believe your mindset to be before those, before yourselves? Where do we begin to pinpoint brain power and matter for that fact? Where did not only biologically but spiritually the mind first reside? :-k

How egotistical can We get in on this post? :wink:

All philosophers, psychologist, and sociologists are accepted to join in the fun. [-o<

Thats like saying to a girl take your dress off and show us the round apples!
Not that a girl cant have a mind but she cant know it. A philosopher knows his mind like a pretty young 18 year old honey bum know her skin and soft places.

Neuroscience has only just begun to discover the physical underpinnings of conscious thought. Research in this field is advancing daily and may yield some results in my lifetime. PET scans and CAT scans are playing a definite role in discovering the physicality of conscious behavior.

Through the pupil pass the iris over looking the cornea and back out through passed the lens again the eye can imagine so much more with help from it’s mind. Now that optic nerve connects to it’s source mind. Yet only the privileged few are eligible to use it to it’s full capacity. Why is that?


So because of chaos because of madness can man not think outside his realm for good reason. Because he is weak and lacks such features. Because man is invulnerable to madness? never.

I can’t say that causality plays a specific role in my life as due to my innate freewill and manner. Although because of my determinism I find it difficult to prelude a specific revision to a system already enhanced in such logic.

Maybe the reason the mind exists inherently inside the faculties of a prism based matrices is because behold for millennia the prized token was a resounding yes from astronomers that the mind held variable secrets to for-clude any type of reason to and as to why we’re here living in the first place. How we got here. And where we go after life. The facts measured up. But backed by what alternative source? Just the mind? That’s all I can think of. :-k :question: :HELP:

Let me ask this is closing. Is the mind imposing of it’s sources that is to say is the mind a reasonable source for logic at all? Can the mind outside of itself know it exists? My answer is I have no answer. For I would than like to believe to know you’d have to play autonomous performance by and or affecting only one person, group, or country involved in a particular situation, without the agreement of another or the ‘others’. Of products in constant development; something evolved: The exploration of space in the evolution of decades of research. Biologically speaking. Change in the gene pool, DNA and in and of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift?
Even better is the mind a good reason to have existed, predominately at all? Or not to exist in full spectrum of living? Separated and disconnected from itself to an entire degree of absolute chaos? The mind never could just come up with everything. [-o<


What’s your goal, really?
Before I try to offer any insight which may or may not be relevant.