hey hvd heard you like raw....sweet

so which books of his have you read?
i like cosmic trigger I and thought illuminatus and schrodinger were wonderful
got a load more of his books but have such a long to read list that grows everyday so no idead when i’ll ever catch up

I like RAW a lot. I first read the Illuminatus last summer, after catching in the corner of my eye in a cheap bookshop, having failed to find the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I looked at the back, and boyght it thinking it was just another conspiracy book. Then, I wa shooked. i mmediately bought Schrodinger’s Cat, Prometheus Rising, thhe Illuminati Papers and Reality is what you can get away with.

I still have to read Cosmic trigger I - III, and I will definately be getting The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles when it comes out again.

How did you get “turned on” to RAW, and what are your views on discordianism?


Does sign language have silent letters?
When coloured people shower, is that ethnic cleansing?

i got turned on to raw via disinfonation, grant morrison’s invisibles and rushkoff et al. read illuminatus this christmas and loved it…
i have no opinion on discordianism(?) really its principals haven’t stuck in my brain…i’m more into the whole model’s of reality thing, how one model can’t hope to explain the world adequately- selective schizophrenia or something…

so remind me of the principals and i’ll see if i remember it…

disinformation, great site. Havent heard of morrison or rushkoff. As for discordianism, The Principia is online somewher. It explains it better than I could. God (and Ben) knows I’ve tried.

Wall mounted keyboards? This must be THE FUTURE!
“What happened to Space Chef?” “You mean Chief” “Chief Chef?”

douglas rushkoff is a us media theorist/social commentrist(?) who’s really good, non-mainstream and contempory…he’s written books about media viruses and the impact of technology on people’s perceptual models…his two novels are very good too, ecstacy club is about a load of techo-shamen who squat in a warehouse and create a communal club, it’s interspersed with conspiracy/drug/magick/techno theories but all in good humour, like raw…he’s currently writting a book on open-source judaism and gave a talk in london in january that, for me, illuminated the role of narrative and metaphor in our lives…

grant morrison is the comic guru behind the imperious invisibles series…very much a continuation of raw’s illuminatus/schrodinger thread but in a comic and thus visual medium…hence, morrison is able to play with the reader’s impressions of the peice more, using visual archetypes and icons to accelerate the story and elaborate the message for those in possesion of the correct level of initiation…see neitzsche’s philosophizing with a hammer to elaborate this elitism into its proper context…the invisibles kinda centers about jack a young delinquent with potent psychic powers/potential who is rescued from a correctional facility/trans-dimensional-brainwashing-operation by the invisibles, led by king mob- morrison’s avatar in his opus…go to morrison’s homepage and read the first two parts of his pop magic serialization…that should get your head spinning…

so read any crowley, gurdjieff, la vey, palahnuik, bloom, gibson, or nietzsche that may be good???

for rushkoff see his piece on the edge world question centre…


why do we tell stories?

what is nietzsche’s over-man in relation to rushkoff’s valuation of active participation in narrative creation, or even of movement outside the narrative (assuming it is possible)??

i like the works of george lucas
in film format, of course

oh and gerald durrell. he’s the closest thing ive had in my life to a role-model and father figure. go read his books, he’s me.

The Principia is here: www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~tilt/principia/body.html

and this is a great site explaining (sort of) discordianism: erisx.com/jd/disco/