High Art

Exhibit A


graphite on paper by be

Yours? Wow! Sheer eye candy, gorgeous!

Entirely scripted art, in other words. John Flynn shouting “action!” and “cut!” and “that’s a wrap!”

Like all of the fulminating fanatic objectivists here with their carefully scripted worlds of words. The truth is what they say it is because otherwise they wouldn’t say that it is.

Now, again, I created a new thread for this sort of thing: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 1&t=196576

Bring your entirely scripted truths there and we can explore them given a framework that I proposed there. Or, sure, using your own framework instead. If it’s intelligent.

thanks wendy
it’s big, too
it doesn’t show in that pic
here’s one with me for scale

i miss strathmore paper sigh
the one i am working now
feels like drawing on a fucking pineapple

Wish I could afford to buy that drawing right now. Oops, didn’t even consider that it might not be for sale. If it is and you still have it after some time, PM me a starting price for it. Give me time to save up. That drawing would be treasured, especially since I can say that I kinda know the artist. That beauty would have a great home, promise.

I totally get it when your preferred materials or setup are missing. That painting that I’m avoiding is a store bought stretched canvas that is not gessoed to a baby’s smooth bottom so it’s gonna be rough as well. And I don’t have a good place to paint with great lighting. Still procrastinating.

you should totally acrylic gesso the heck out of it
love me a smooth surface

Not bad for a Brazilian woman, not bad at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

[I’m not talking about the art either but the art is good as well. :sunglasses: ]

Just out of curiosity, did Pedro pose for this?

If Ecmandu sees this thread, he’ll harp-on about them having authority, by boobs. :laughing: