Higher World

Four levels of human individuality: Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human; A+B+C+D,etc.
Combining concept with Threefold individuality of Body, Soul, Spirit
Trancends to
Threefold Society.

Microcosm to Macrocosm
Using the Eightfold Path from Buddha
Creative Footprint Individually
We find the Idealistic Moment
A Moment that brings about a Movement
A moving brick house from the individual

A movement of becoming: becoming aware of thoughts by splitting them into two categories:
Essential and nonessential,
Leading to clear vision of mind and body

Microcosm activation in motion

if you want a higher world, just make more drugs. It’s pretty much that easy.

But not a sustainable higher world.

It sustains itself. You worry too much. It’s pretty much automaton status.

Not a drug-induced higher world. Maybe there is a problem with framing it as ‘just make more drugs.’ It’s not that easy. Drug addicts are the lowest animal-humans.

you say ‘not a’, obviously, this world we live in is either drug induced or not. It’s not a ‘a’, it’s a ‘the’.

Not everyone is persuaded by drugs.

Your argument falls flat because you yourself could relate every experience that you’ve had; every exultation, every euphoria; to what people experience while high on drugs. All you’re doing is stubbornly clinging to the narrow-minded views that are crumbling from beneath your mental feet, leaving you nothing to stand on.

What argument? What drugs?

Like after 1000 mg ol time acid almost.killed you and friends wondering you being still alive.

Machiavelli still loves and lives to see another day.

That’s when psycho was still hip, like Carl Solomon writing about it in his memoirs.


Ok, Thank you. Exposing the shadow is healthy, but my intentions with the OP were different. We all have a wolf inside the Machiavellian persona, but the conversation has turned to who is more right/ egoism rather than anything productive. Have you learned from the drugs you’ve taken? A lot of conversations on ILP is purely drug-related highs involving ‘being better’ rather than discussing the truth. Truth: you’re wrong. What can we build from that? I don’t care if you’re better than me. If I do have some sort of entropic ptsd, then I’m better with than without. I can say with certainty that most people experience a certain level of pain and suffering, some at a higher or lower degree. In life I owe it to the pain the knowlege I attain, either through sensitivity or hardship. I sympathize the Desensitized psycho because that person gains nothing but pain dealt out to others.


I sympathize the Desensitized psycho because that person gains nothing but pain dealt out to others.


For instance, Trumpism could sell this, as it probably does, as an unfathomable swamp, needing cleansing through acceptance of social ills, rather then false denial through inveterate self subjugation by outside mass hypnosis.


Ok? That is the very proof of the very wide nature of an abyss of a swampy field futility, implying a neither here nor there, or maybe worse an either this or that, or worse of all, these methods through the madness of passive non resistant submission to brain manipulation - go down in a smoke filled room filled with the present membership of the most of the least, or reversely.

It is the most reductive generalization since a certain princess threw up her hand saying let them eat cake.

Whatever , we should not let mob rule overcome the finely tuned empire be overturned by the mob’s silly feeling for the rococo, in spite of what their hunger for it , for it takes many more lifetimes to begin to sense that maybe
there is something more worthwhile there then mere demonstration of prowess.

Then the soul closes its aperture, as it afraid of too much light, and returns there to the safety of the underworld, the shadowy regions.

Ok, is a good generic safety zone, and there is, as Sartre said, from which truly no exit.

The best minds of our generation have gone there, as Allen Ginsburg as pointed out.

Soul and spirit are synonymous.

I appreciate this. Open and closed encircles the many lives that live like this; but, I can only speak for myself for the responsible narcissist that I am. Becoming, the state of being in a conscious-continual of open and closed circles. Narrative teaches lesson with too much closed-individuality then beckons back to the open-herd swallowing that consciousness. Closed and open thinking continues like a roller coaster. Individuality meets with the group, becoming and unbecoming. Why am I here, this cycle is a feedback loop of suffering. Asking for a friend.

There’s nothing wrong with your terms.
Were you looking for some kind of helpful commentary ?
You’re describing category.
Category is about ID.
This is a squirrel, it has fur, it has eyes, etc.
Squirrel is an ID, fur has an ID, eyes have an ID, etc.

Changing its name wont change its essence.
It’s like file names on a computer.
Category is the function of sorting larger ideas into terms.

xhightesion: “I don’t care if you’re better than me.”

In a 14 billion year-old universe? In what respect do you feel he may be better than you?

Too much exposure to the higher may make us want to die, because it could be so revelation inflicting and prophecy exploding that the mattress would be of no comfort to us as we seek the luxury/buoyancy of the cloud. But the afterlife and alien worlds in a God’s city/earth destiny weave will feel much greater when we play our part, and build the kingdom of earth.