Holidays are coming!

Yes, it’s that time again. The Coca-Cola Christmas adverts are already showing and people are getting into the general festive cheer (some people at least.). It’s been an eventful week in world news, the biggest of course being the capture of Saddam Hussein.–WE-GOT-HIM-%20name_page.html

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the holidays, we at would like to wish you all a good time and a prosperous new year. Thanks for you all support and may we continue long into the future.

(was that cheesy enough?)

Ben’s a Daily Mirror reader?

Merry Kwanzaa, everybody!

Bah humbug.

You’d never have guessed that one!

Merry christmas everyone! (although I’m new lol so im saying that to basic strangers).

B4 scrooge what did we use to call people that today we’d call ‘scrooges’? Just wondering

I’m afraid my use of the Mirror for that link was misleading, I don’t read the Mirror, in fact I don’t read any newspaper. Sorry to disappoint you all! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Festive Greetings to you all.

What’s the mirror?

Happy gift selections.

happy christmas. :smiley:

btw I don’t mean to sound annoying but it really gets to me when non-christians celebrate christmas without going to lengths to practice lent etc. I have decided next year I might celebrate all of the fun holidays of other religions but leave out the religious practices/the fasting periods. That’d show em lol! :imp:

Why does it bother you so much? What difference does it make to you whether people celebrate Christmas for your reasons or their reasons, surely everyone should be able to express their beliefs as long as they aren’t harming others?

We are all aware that Christmas is predominantly a season of goodwill and family time. For those who choose to, it is also a religious festival celebrating the birth of Christ but it has outgrown it’s original meaning which I think is a good thing. I think you’d find most other religions would happily welcome you in joining them in their festivals.

I think the attitude of “you don’t observe all the christian festivals so you can’t observe any” is mildly bigoted. A wise man once said “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

Merry Christmas

it is kinda hypocritical how people can celebrate christmas without celebrating what it is which is Christ’s mass. also how come people judge me if I say ‘this year I’m gonna start celebrating all the muslim/jewish fun things’. Christianity is for christians and what is the point of celebrating something that you don’t believe was the birth of anyone important?

I don’t see how it’s hypocritical. You may disagree with the secular celebration of christmas, or you may not understand it, but i don’t see it as hypocritical for someone to say “I think Christmas is an enjoyable family orientated festival which brings about goodwill in society so I will celebrate it even though I don’t believe in Christ”. They’re not claiming it’s anything more than a fun time and they’re not claiming they are christians, just people who enjoy a bit of fun in this cold winter month.

presumably for the same reason you’re judging people who say “i’m going to celebrate the fun christian things this year”. Now that’s hypocrisy

I don’t see what gives you the authority to deny Christmas to the masses of people who don’t believe in Christ. If it brings happiness to those who celebrate it, why deny them that? You may not understand why people celebrate it in a secular manner, but it doesn’t follow that therefore they should not do so.

The pagans want their Winter Solstice festival back.

I enjoy the euphemistic “happy holidays” in typical Americano fashion. Personally, Kwanza fascinates the hell out of me.

We pagans demand our Winter solstice holiday be returned to us intact and untainted by Christians and the commercialism of capitalists. HVD’s back to paganism movement really touched my heart this winter… :cry:

Just thought I would wish all of you and all those close to your hearts a safe and Merry Christmas, as well as, a safe and Happy New Year. I celebrate Christmas tonight (and opening up presents), December 24th, as is done in all of Slovakia (my place of birth).

What’s your take?

There are good reasons non-Christians celebrate Christmas such as seeing family but it kinda annoys me when it becomes a norm and the majority of people just want this or that present.

Yes seeing friends and family and the fellowship is good. I also enjoy giving gifts, etc. I refuse to concretize the fables. It really is a swell holiday.

I’ve always wondered whether Xmas developed into the way it is because the fable of St.Nicholas was ripped off. In Holland they celebrate a Day on the 5th of Dec called St. Nicholas day and as the story goes he was some saint who gave presents of money to the poor at some time or the other and he wore a red cloak and had a white beard and I can’t remember much more than that as I don’t know much about my Dutch half of me.

The dutch tend to give more presents on St.Nicholas day and Xmas has been a recent invasion (well that’s what my Mum reckons, though she’s always bigging up Holland). Does anyone know more than I do? Was the whole Xmas present giving and Santa thing ripped off of St.Nicholas?

the 3 wise men gave gifts, but that was at epiphany, which is in january. also, there’s the little drummer boy. every, every, every culture has their own version of santa (in italy it’s seraphina, a woman). almost natural that the west would develop theirs.