HOLOCAUST denialism?


Hello dear Forum’s moderators and admins,

I would like to know, if it is LEGAL to debate
this very sensitive subject of the HOLOCAUST denialism
in a philosophical and scientific manner ??


FREE SPEECH, Freedom of Expression, and Human Rights Law: The Case of Holocaust Denial

By Dr. Andrew Altman, Oxford Scholarship Online


" This chapter critically examines the jurisprudence of free expression under human rights law and American constitutional doctrine, focusing on the issue of Holocaust denial. It is argued that legal prohibitions aimed at Holocaust denial are unjustifiable in any existing liberal state.

The argument hinges on a revised form of a doctrine at the heart of a key American free speech case, Brandenburg v. Ohio. The revised Brandenburg doctrine holds that speech ought not to be prohibited, regardless of the viewpoint it advocates, unless the speech is:

a) intended and likely to bring about immediate lawless conduct, or

b) reasonably expected to contribute substantially to widespread violence.

This doctrine is defended, and it is shown to tell against prohibitions on Holocaust denial in existing liberal states."


Oh no, it is definitely not legal to discuss and ask questions about a proposed historical event that occurred long before anyone here was born. Yes. For some insane reason that would be… against the law to talk about and ask questions about what others have told us is history.


Welcome to average eurotrash countries.

Imagine even taking that “argument” seriously. It’s just… perhaps the most pure and absolute representation of a total abandonment of truth and reality. The zombies have won. Literal (and yes I use that term literally) insanity.

Well maybe where you live. Not here (not yet). But we will give them one hell of a fight in any case.

I can just see the tshirts and bumper stickers of 2028,

“Holocaust Lives Matter!”

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“what history? i wasnt even born yet. i just asking sum questions”


“bro I just askin a few questions chill”


^ Now realize. This is actually reality in many “civilized” countries.

I. just. I mean.

No wonder truth is hiding. Humans are simply so… utterly unreliable. So purely pathetic.

So easily incentivized to evil.

Not one historian or philosopher, except me, has truly apprehended the depths of the fall of humanity into pure evil-madness and death.

You all just think… “hey this is normal right.”

To the extent you even think about it.

Gotta love how,

[i]“hey I don’t think I fully agree with what you just said about that supposed historical event that occurred before either of us was even born…”


…is an actual and somehow normal part of our reality now. It’s hard to pick a better example of the pure and absolute madness of evil and insanity that infects humans and our human systems today, than this.

“Hey guys, I don’t think the civil war happened the way most people claim.”


See anything wrong here? Nope, I didn’t think you did. Normie minds being normie, noobs being noobs. Average human accepting and adapting to an imposed slavery and mind-erasure. And I know this for a fact because, even if the number of people who actually do see a problem with it were to be estimated at 50% or more, generously perhaps at this point, nothing changes. These same people continue to go on reading “news”, consooming corporate media, voting for politicians, believing billionaire corporations care about them, trusting the government, getting ‘vaccines’, not seriously questioning anything.

If the mind has always been this fragile and structurally insane, there was never any hope to begin with. But I do wish I could live awhile back in the 1800s, then 1700s, then 1600s in the intellectual centers of Europe and America, to really see what people were like back then. I would certainly experience first hand how far we have presently fallen in our “modern” “advanced” “progressive” era.