Homosexuality is natural

I don’t want to be too graphic but in real life I see dogs sucking each other’s dick in real life… dogs are so gay their masters litterally have to pull their leash to make them not suck dick, dogs crave dick, like gay 69.

I don’t want to hear any more of this right-wing nonsense about homosexuality being unnatural, what I have been is always allied with the truth, I’ve never been right-wing or left-wing because its all bullshit, all americans are insane.

So to be honest not sure if dogs are gay or bisexual, one thing I know for sure they are queer, but i have the answer as to why humans are different

Humans are grossed out by fags because humans are a random species, humanity has the ugliest and yet also the most beautiful people. I think many people look like apes and gorillas, not even a racist because im saying even some whites look like gorrilas too, so what i see is this…gorilla faggotry is fucking gross and disgusting, but if two trannies or femboys want to 69 i’d jack off to it, nothing wrong with it, i think the problem stems with gorillas, gorrillas sex is fucking sickening even just typing it want to vomit i wish i didnt have to say it but the truth must be spoken

humanity is artificial, humans have to be controlled such as slaves, im not saying retarded sjws are the answer but neither is retarded religious doctrine

Dogs are heavily domesticated and therefore emasculated (per)version of the Canine (wolves) specie.

They do not reflect Nature, but rather, Artificiality/Civilization/Domestication (under human animal husbandry).

So your conclusion is false.

Also in Natural Canine groups (Wolf packs), beta males and lower only posture and show signs of submission by emulating the sexually effete position.

Wolves do not perform actual homosexual acts or penetration, which would be unnatural.


Did I rain on your Gay Pride Parade?

Homosexuality is unnatural/artificial as I just outlined. Only humans practice sodomy and actual penetration of the anus, which is a perversion of nature.

I don’t like the word gay pride being associated with me, because of that aforementioned gorrilla sex I mentioned earlier. It’s all lumped together in people’s minds, the worst of the worst get thrown in there, and I don’t want it like that.

Now, if we’re talkin tranny sex, or hot fem boys with makeup, you bet I’d fap to that any day. Not so much that I feel pride but rather no shame. When I’m feelin’ kinda incel a fap is a fap, maybe i have resentment of females and they trigger me, so femboys it is. Not saying its my first choice, if i was god i would clap my hands And hallelujah it would be rainin’ pussy, if i was god that is.

Bonobo males will have anal sex and NOT as aggression. There is all sorts of homosexual sex and sexual activity in animals, including permanent same sex pairings. The word ‘natural’ can get abused in all sorts of ways. Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it is good, or bad. Nature has often been hated also. But other animals have same sex sex of all kinds. I find it amazing that there are still people who think that all gay people ‘really’ in fact would be attracted to the opposite sex if their childhoods or politics were different. Like it is only a sign of damage or sin or confusion and not something that many people are born like.

You’re blatantly wrong and a pro-homosexual.