How come dangerous people are allowed here

Recently, In the mundane babble forum, I mentioned in defense of myself that I meant no harm on anyone, that I just wanted to help others with information, but that I would not be around here for very long.

Dr satanical wrote in reply that he hoped by this I meant cancer. I would like to ask those who work here.

How is it you will allow people to be so malicious on a forum which is supposed to be about discourse and learning? A bit of fun and a bit of heat and tension yes, but comments like these are not good.

yes, the obvious pun about the length of your stay may be misconstrued by you to be less than flattering…

discourse and learning is a two way street…

"This is a religious forum, to discuss religious issues . If you are an atheist then why are you here?

…I am here to help encourage, they are here for attention. Silly people!"


Iron Dog,

Satanical’s reply was harsh, and perhaps not in good taste, but it’s obvious that you can’t see that it’s your condescending approach that has attracted so much venom from other members.

I refuse to believe that your master would have approved of your way of expressing yourself. No one of way-making would ever approach others in the manner you have chosen. Sadly, I see no way for you to get past this. You have established a reputation for looking down on other members. That you cannot see this is part of the problem.

“Hesitant is he, like a guest…”


JT wrote:

Yes, this is always how it starts. Words and phrases not tolerated when directed towards the “good” people are deemed warranted and acceptable when directed at the “bad” people.

This is why bad people should die of cancer or burn in ovens while the good ones applaud justice. I guess there is nothing wrong with this since it is just human nature. The only harm would occur if management condoned such actions but took offense at me suggesting one of the loved ones should die of cancer.


This is true, but still no excuse. I am seeing the bigger picture.

So what you are saying is he is not man enough, not noble enough to restrain his negative tendancies. Do you not know it is exactly the ability to do that which makes us great?

I may be guilty of name calling. But nothing malicious. This is where your argument falls short. I am big enough to brush off silly comments like his, but that is not the point , the point my friends is you seem to applaud his idiocy.

Bollox. Nobody is applauding any of this. It’s all stupid. GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!


And impenitent
If you are going to take quotes of things I have said to illustrate a point, then at least have the courtesy to explain my whole point.

Because my whole point has never been that someone is an idiot if they are an atheist, my point is , like you said of me, they were sometimes unreasonable, and attacking towards me .Their condesending attitude towards me made me think it was stupid of them to be in a religious forum. That is different.

So no, your quote does not illustrate anything really.

If you act like a condencending prick, you reap what you sow.

Once a prick, always a prick? Not necessarily true. This guy sounds to me like he is more of a sensitive soul than once thought. I haven’t read what’s eating everyone, but why not just forget it? I don’t buy this crap of building a permanent reputation here, and then never being able to gain respect again. Anyway, are we all here to be eversoooooo popular among strangers? Probably not, but it is not good for everyone to gang up on the guy, even if he had a few inappropriate days. I say give him a break and play nice.

(I want Dr. S in my corner - I need to be able to sleep tonight… I plan on making Jesus an intimate before Monday morning… and will post my deepest spiritual thoughts in the Religion forum)

Iron Dog,

You may look at any picture you like, but this is going nowhere. I am but one of several who have tried, as kindly as possible, to lead you away from this hassling, and you refuse to accept this counseling. Your problems have been created by you. I’m not applauding anyone’s behavior in any of this. It is past childish. It had better stop, and stop now.


Could some kind person enlighten me? Am I being an advocate for a gangster or misantrope? I don’t want to stir a pot, but I am too lazy to do research on the guy. Iron, what the hell did you do?

I ask this because it takes tentative quite a few punches to get the vein on his forehead engorged.


Okay Irondog, I respect many of the folks whom you have pissed off, sooo with your own words (since you so eloquently quoted me) what do YOU think you’ve done to be treated this way. I only took your side out of sheer ignorance of the situation, but, as I said, I respect tentative quite a bit. So, tell me, what did you do?

'Fraid I missed the fireworks of your débue Mr. Dog, but as a general rule, I think a little pepper always makes the food taste better.

I couldn’t care less about how obnoxious your posting persona is/was/may be, if you’ve got something intelligent to say, or a valid perspective on things - then keep on trucking.

If you’re just another dickhead with a big mouth and a know-it-all complex - then kindly piss off.

Time will tell.

For whatever it’s worth - welcome to the forums, and I look forward to crossing swords with you in the future.


That would be me. The position is taken, Iron Dog, go find another job.

Now, kids, let’s say it together:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

There. Doesn’t everyone feel better now? Guuud.

detrop, explain how you finally managed to get that position? it must have been alot of work…

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” :slight_smile:




No human being deserves cancer or to burn in an oven and such thoughts promote evil. And agreeing with it furthers that evil. I find it hard to imagine that anyone feels this much hate. Most “bad” people need a hand to hold and have never had one. Don’t let those people change you and turn you into something your own mother wouldn’t recognize.