How did mask-free Monday go for you?

Yesterday the UK lifted all legal restrictions, including the wearing of masks. My own feeling is that this was something of a non-event, but perhaps others may have different experiences.

For me it made no difference at all, as I’m exempt from wearing a mask anyway.

I’m going to continue to wear a mask.

As is everyone’s right, should they wish to.

I’ve been maskless for months. Many other people too. Not sure what’s it’s like in the West.

I’ve been maskless for the entire duration of the pandemic. Wearing one stops me from echo-locating, so I have a legal exemption.

people are gonna start getting sick again

That is true. Here are the stats since the beginning of the year.

Here are new daily cases…
where we are.JPG

The effect of the vaccine… Here’s daily deaths.

It all looks promising, but what this does not show is the number of cases of Long Covid that are going to result despite the vaccine.
It’s worth saying that death rates are usually a couple of weeks behind the curve too.
There were 96 deaths in the UK yesterday from Covid and that is going to rise, which the graph does not yet show. And it is considered to be a big jump as they were bounding around 2 per day recently.

One [liberal] take on it: … e=Homepage

[b]"England, we are told, is free. On Monday the government lifted the country’s remaining Covid restrictions — on social distancing, on face masks, on numbers for gatherings, the lot — effectively leaving protection from the coronavirus to vaccinations and, er, the goddess of chance. (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the devolved nations, have sensibly chosen to retain some restrictions.)

"The timing was immaculate: Over the previous week, 332,170 people tested positive for the coronavirus — the most since January — as the Delta variant courses around the country. New Covid-19 cases are expected to rise, perhaps reaching the dizzying figure of 100,000 a day later in the summer. The number hospitalized, much lower than in previous waves of infections because of the vaccination program, is steadily increasing. Deaths are creeping up.

"Details, details. This was Freedom Day, as the government and the right-wing press insistently reminded us. The time when the English, after more than a year of sacrifices, could let it all out — drink in a crowded room, go clubbing, have everyone over. No need for masks. But really, it was Confusion Day, a monument to chaos, anxiety and the unknown. We have no plan.

Fittingly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, lover of liberty (especially his own) and architect of the “plan,” couldn’t celebrate; he was self-isolating. He had been in contact with Sajid Javid, the health minister, who was double-vaccinated and tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday. (The English are discovering, to their alarm, that vaccines are not invincible.) Mr. Javid is new to the job: He was installed last month after the previous health minister, Matt Hancock, was photographed kissing an adviser in his office. He had to resign for breaking social distancing guidelines with his tongue."[/b]

Stay tuned.

Please don’t post pictures to me in my own thread, without describing them.

Okay, the post was not a reply to you.

The first image shows the graph for daily cases from January to today. In Jan it was very high, and the drops very low and then very high again. So like a cross section of a high sided bowl.
By contrast the second image is for daily deaths. This begins very high and steadily drops, but as we move towards today it does not rise as much, though there is still a significant rise, as cases rise.

This shows the effectiveness of the vaccine, but warns that opening up too much too soon will mean more deaths.
Deaths have been bumping along around 20 per day, but recently as people relax precautions deaths have been between 70 and 100.
We have yet to see the impact, so-called “freedom day” will have on the numbers, as there is a gap of at least two weeks between infection and resolution.

Ok thanks.

A right? This is not the flu - it is a pandemic and my instinct tells me that it is going to get worse. Hopefully I am wrong.

This ought to be an OBLIGATION to wear a mask (I do understand your case, Maia) and a mandate again…which I do hopefully see happening again soon…and not soon enough.

Everything is unfolding far too much and quickly which in a way I can understand, psychologically speaking, but at the same time we have to err on the side of caution which many are not doing but at the same time here in New Jersey I have still seen more masks being worn by people who will not baby themselves because masks are such an inconvenience and who do actually care about others and their selves too.

I think people are just going to stop wearing them anyway, whatever the law says. Those who want to will continue to do so, and those who don’t, won’t.

Um, the vaccine doesn’t stop you from catching Covid, it’s only stopping you from dying 85% of the time foregoing the ventilator. Any stats on the vaccinated who died from Covid?

The liberals have one set of stats, the conservatives another. My main interest here [as always] is in distinguishing those on both sides of the political divide willing at least to consider the other side’s point of view. If the other side is not only interested in insisting that only their own set of stats actually count.

The objectivists in other words. They are the ones who create things like the Coalition of Truth and often mock those who refuse to think exactly like they do about vaccinations.

Why do they do this? Because they link vaccinations to their own doctrinaire political agenda that makes all those not deemed “one of us” the bad guys in regard to the bigger issues regarding “I” vs. “we” and the role of government and [sometimes] their belief in God or another “spiritual” dogma.

You can only judge the effectiveness of the vaccine by comparing the number of cases with the number of deaths.

In the UK 40% of fatalities have had 2 jabs and a further 20% have had one jab. This does NOT mean the vaccine is not working.
The vaccine is still 80%+ effectively at preventing death, but the UK has so many vaccinated people that there are too few unvaccinated people in vulnerable groups for the virus to infect.
When 100% of people are vaccinated then 100% of deaths will be people who are vaccinated.

…and those who refuse to wear the masks where they have been mandated will also have to accept the consequences of their actions. People like to believe in their own free will/personal freedom until they come to see just how costly it can be to them.

It is like playing Russian roulette not only with yourself but with your family and friends. It takes a great amount of stupidity and a lack of self-awareness to decide not to wear the mask - vaccinated or not. These vaccines are not set in stone.

The supermarket where I shop at least for now gives people the option to either wear or not to wear a mask. Most are still wearing one but I really resent those who are not wearing them - especially when they stand in front of open hot food. All it takes is a sneeze that can be carried for, I believe, up to 20 feet. Who would want to eat that food and I wonder how long it will take until SR issues the mask mandate again.

Delta variant continues to spread in NJ, on track to be most dominant COVID strain
Scott Fallon

[b]The Delta variant of COVID-19 is continuing to spread rapidly in New Jersey — almost tripling in prevalence over two weeks, according to a new report released Wednesday.

The highly contagious variant accounted for 26.8% of all coronavirus strains recorded over a four-week period ending on June 19, the latest available data shows.

It has become the most dominant variant in the U.S. Although it is still number two in New Jersey, the Delta variant is quickly catching up to the B.1.1.7 Alpha variant, which exploded over the winter in New Jersey and currently makes up 40% of all strains.

The increase in Delta renewed calls by Gov. Phil Murphy and other state officials for the more than !2 million unvaccinated adults! in New Jersey to get their shots. [/b]

[b]COVID cases, deaths, hospitalizations and other key metrics have plummeted since early April thanks in large part to increased vaccination rates.

But in the last three weeks, hospitalizations have plateaued hovering between 300 and 330 and drawing concern from health officials that the Delta variant is at least partially to blame. [/b]

The Delta variant is already the dominant variant in the UK, by something like 99% I think. And yet our hospitalisations and deaths have been reduced by 95%. Either this is wholly down to the vaccine rollout, or, as some are suggesting, perhaps the Delta variant, though it’s more contagious, isn’t as dangerous.

I’m not an anti-masker and would advise anyone to continue wearing one, although I tend not to mention it much, so as to avoid accusations of hyprocrisy, since I don’t wear one myself.

The problem, though, is the longer this goes on, the more people will ignore the restrictions. I’m sure that part of the government’s calculation is that it would be better to have a controlled easing, rather than people just starting to ignore the whole thing.

I am in LS Vegas now and the man on the street’s opinion is that the varient is about to really go through the roof, as son as the temperature plunges, relating to some studies that indicate an inverse relationship between rising temperature and rates of infection.

One person went so far as to say that the casinos are totally against any negative news because they value gambling revenue over human lives.

Sounds familiar?

It really comes down to the extent to which crony capitalism is as pervasive in England as it is here.

One take on it: … democracy/

And then the usual ideological squabbles that revolve around health care as a function of the government more or less than as a function of the “private sector”.

There are of course political objectivists here left and right, but both sides [as usual] have their own set of assumptions: … sus-world/

From the ProCon site: