how do i make my religion into a "thing"

I have come to the conclusion that Society needs religion. it gives us order, kind of like A military discipline, Each sunday we dont lay around, We Form a Community and Order. Religion gives us Hope, and we need Magic and Hope to believe in a Fantasy to save us from this terrible world.

Thus I decided I need to make up the next big world religion. First of all, How do I make this religion popular? I’ve decided not to brutally slaughter thousands or threaten them with enslavement and hellfire if they don’t obey…But this makes my job harder. Without forcing my religion on people, how do I get them to convert?

Well my religion isn’t about to worship a bunch of genocidal Jews. This is going to be a Pagan religion of Aphroditey. This religion is going to be the Religion of Transsexualism. We “convert” people into Feminized. Its about feminization by Aphroditey the Goddess of Love.

We say things similar to the bible like “We fight the good fight. We walk through the shadow of death and Still wear girls clothes around bigots.”
We fight our masculine urges. We feminize we feminize feminize femininze. We fight the good fight. We find peace in our centers. We resist the urge to cut off our penises because we value families. We must breed. the more we breed the more we convert. I want to make this a serious religion that is Government endorsed. What should be my first steps?

You did already.

At the very moment you typed thing you made it into a thing.

Yep but nobody in the world except 10 people know about it.
They rather go to their synogagues and temples and act like muslim thug gangsters and believe in false gods, than obey my fake religion. At least i make my religion honest and fake.

Litterally people would castrate themselves for Jesus…Litterally jesus religion is more cuck than an actual religion preaching transsexualism, because in my religion it litterally teaches people to breed and not tie up their balls.

The Trixie religion where the only requirement is that you treat her as a human being by unconditionally accepting her for who she is
And so I will join up right away because I have always had a soft spot for her although I hardly ever agree with anything that she says

Unconditionally loving her, yes, but does unconditionally accepting her for who she is imply accepting her despite particular things which she does.

I am not here speaking in terms of who she feels she is. I can love and accept her for who she feels she is, the experience which she has of herself, BUT again does unconditional acceptance mean acceptance of any or all kinds of behavior?

I have never been completely clear about that.

It means accepting someone without wanting to change them in any way while at the same time allowing them to change if they want to
And also giving them the freedom to make mistakes without being judgemental because everybody makes mistakes at the end of the day

This religion is not a mistake. It is a glorious thing!

I did not mean that but the ordinary mistakes we all make in our lives
when we put ourselves before others rather than the other way round

Others put their own needs before mine so I shall do the same.
However I do want to rule the world, this is a noble deed where everyone benefits. I get to save the society from political corruption, and feed starving children in Africa, while at the same time I benefit by being famous.


Hmmm…you are more or less perfect then, surreptitious. I cannot honestly say that I would not want to change someone especially when my observation is that they can use change. I do realize that to try to change someone is difficult in itself and I also realize thatfor the most part all we can do is to change our own self, to somehow adapt to them…maybe. lol

Aside from that, I was basically speaking more about the phrase unconditional acceptance.
I think that some people look on this phrase as meaning accepting any and all kinds of behavior.
But to me it simply means continuing to accept the Person Him/Her - Self despite the behavior.

I find myself to be quite imperfect in that way. lol
What of the case where the wife is beaten by the husband?
Can there actually BE unconditional love and acceptance there?
Perhaps different cases call for different measurements?
It is not such a black and white issue for me - unconditional love and acceptance.

How do you know that at some point you, Trixie, might not become quite corruptible? Power has the ability to corrupt.

Who, in their right mind, would want to rule the world? Half the time we are not even capable of ruling our own little world within or the little world which surrounds us?

Now do not go and take this the wrong way but you know that I love you despite your infuriating ways at

If so will you marry me? Or at least, a 2 week relationship? Thats me taking it the right way and the wrong way.

I cannot understand why you do not want to rule the entire planet. Think of all the people we could save. Think of all the utopia we could build.

I already am corrupt therefore I am not susceptible to corruption.