How do you browse ILP and what is your most devastating ILP


there was someone here who I argued with also agreed with. We respected each other, was my take anyway. Not sure he’s doing well. Not around. Seemed to me always heading for some kind of self-destruction, though for all I know he’s having a blast somewhere. But the feelings around that were the darkest I can think of. Not devastating, but familiar and sometimes not very pleasant.

Reminds me of the joker.

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Building up my notebook, and archiving the grand achievements of my mind, ideas and designs has made me feel much more expanded, luminous and proud.

The dark side of this forum is comprehending other people’s work, because I’ve put so much focus into my own system, that I’m incapable for adaptation to the incantations and flow of other people’s conceptions. But, we all seem into debates like free will, where we distribute the directives of our mindsets, how choice rumbles and reverberates everywhere, and nobility, because if we all held true to the most special honor of envisioning, then, even if we aren’t free, acting as if we are free is much more blissful and all capturing of an experience.

Perhaps an alternative, despite the predestination of all things, is to trust in God who, predicting everything, ensures for our happiness.

I browse ILP by:

View your posts,
then by,
View unread posts,
and sometimes by,
View active topics,
and… very rarely by,
View unanswered posts.

My most devastating ILP experience was when I was hounded and trolled by various posters, for simply posting my side of an argument or for simply existing, because these posters did not have the skill or know-how to debate my point(s). Some have since apologised, but most ceased the barrage of abuse when I skipped merrily on my way to post in other threads i.e. ignoring their immature reactions to what could/should have been a fruitful debate that led us to an enlightened place of understanding and progression of thought.

Two, in particular, who tried to gang-up on me in a tag-team style volley of trolling, quite quickly ceased posting and then left the ILP building soon after that… I think mental illness was involved.