How do you decide which woman is the one?

IF you are allow to have sex with many partners before marriage, (corrupt ideas by the media and buisnessness companies- condoms, baby supplies,) . Why are you only allow to married one person? Can’t you not love more than one woman? Will not the one you did not choose will always have a grude on you?
What is it about the sacredness of marriage that holds the world together. ( said Jesus ) And if nobody upholds this practice, then the meaning of marriage cease., since you are allow to divorce. What about those teenagers who has more than one children from different woman?

The bible says, if you laid with the woman, the price you paid is marriage.
But also says from noah, " two by two they went into the ark "

Perhaps it is better not to get married? But social betings yearns for marriage and to have a family. :angry:

dan, you’re misunderstanding the…



that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all day!

One man can’t satisfy the romantic needs of all those people. It’s hard enough to keep one person.

Mass polygamy would work just fine if your wives were bisexual.

Okay, this OP = LOL.

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u shud marry more than 1 woman but… not too many… max 3 id say… but u shudnt marry women based on love or looks… because love and looks… they will fade and then she will be nothing.

you should marry them based on virtues that will last forever, such as honesty, intellegence, etc…

In America, who are academic educated, women will plot and divorce their husbands for the sake of their fortune.
If you married 3 women your fortune will be divided further. :slight_smile:

Its hard to find a good woman. Because most of them became nuns.

ahahahahahahaha! good point!

but i never saw any nuns which i liked…

the 1s i see have bad tempers…

except wen i went to portugal to the fatima shrine…

but they cudnt speak english… :confused:

Who does like a woman in a mascot or in a nun outfit?

Put on the most beautiful garment that society created, and let the most virtous and innocent woman wear it, you have an angel.

a spiritual connection that pleases mind body and soul.
Mind, in that she inspires you, and you her
Body, in that you are spiritual types who charge eachother, and not just get along
Soul, in that you love her selflessly

Then ask God if it’s right. For you are married under God’s eyes, and not the law.

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dan, you have it all wrong my innocent friend.

You have very little choice in the matter of a mate or spouse.

She is ultimately in control, in most instances. She has what you desire most, and she is generally aware that she can manipulate you into doing her bidding, by appealing to the most base and non-intellectual propensities of the male.

This is one war where the male is the least of the warriors, and badly unprepared, in the greater majority.

you know she is the one if she’ll take you. a prerequisite to this is your being honestly you…and everybody definitely does not “be themselves” with the “one they love”…making it a stupid game.


Quite true. This is why some cultures in ancient times valued the “matchmaker” so highly. This person was knowedgable in the science of human types and could tell which types were suited for each other even when very young. It was based on the realities behind what we now know and value as reality but is really acquired modes of deception.

Well I am glad you understood me a quite better. Then the earlier commentors, for they do not think like a true philosopher, but a philosopher who is ill.

Is this a poem of yours? If not I might just laugh.

Then make me great of the warriors, and prepared. To possess Helen of Troy. For I am in the bliss of ignorance.

If she’ll take you.
But what is the advantage of not being yourself? To win a stupid game. Will it not be better to lose, to make the other person happy, then win and make ourself losers and the long run? For the reason being ourselve is essential. But we are ourselves.

In cultures that are well developed no one appreciates nor believes in antiquity anymore, making the matchmaker out of job, but being how smart he is, he created the dating service to be self- employed again.

Why you shouldn’t marry more than one person? If you impregnate more than one woman, though it would be advantageous for each child to have its own dedicated caretaker, it increases the chance of the inbreeding of future generations greatly. A community where everyone has multiple wives/husbands becomes inbred quicker.

Since all man’s desires stem from evolutionary conditioning (trust me on this), and because this practice affects future generations, we developed a psychological aversion to it.

Correct? Materialistically evolutionary utilitarian and to the point, yeah!

This is the type of response I hope to seek. But months to late.

The reason we do not married many people is because of the gov’t.
The reason why people imprengnante many women is not for the sake of love but merely for the sake of pleasure and love.

For this reason, marrying many wives does not mean you love them, but because for a disgusting reason, as for religious prophets would say.

" I marry her not because she is pregnant but because I love her" Jerry lee lewis

" IF it be troubles you my husband, that I give you my consent for you to have another wife, and I will have a sister, for I know you are a righteous"
I do not want to say much more, so I say if your wife gives you consent and have good judgment, then let it be so, that you can take another wife.

Marriage is intended for a single male and female. However there are some exceptions that seem to be allowed by God.

God even offered Solomon more women because Solomon had sent a servant off to die so that he could take his wife. This did not make God happy at all, leading to the “if you wanted more women, you only needed to ask!”

I would say that God intends upon the 1 man 1 woman scheme but has allowed the 1 man multiple wives. I will say this… God is very big on a man handling his resposibility. A man who does not support his family is considered to be less than a brigand!

O yes… forgot to mention 1st wife is the head wife! And just as Jesus stated… you may only put away your wife if she is sexually immoral! Your 1st wife appears to have the authority to run off other wives. Dunno If someone has clarification this would be nice!

  1. Marry the woman who is the most irritating to you and you to her. You won’t have to feel a personal loss then when she calls you an idiot and ignores you. And she won’t expect sweet things from you. You both can feel quite comfortable at insulting each other and never be hurt and since you are already at the worst possible marital state you can only improve. :smiley:

2 If men marry more then one woman, then those men really need their heads examined because , why would any man want to deal with more then one woman. Or any woman want to deal with more then one man. Sounds like you want to suffer and be punished, if you want to be a polygamist, male or female. I love and adore my husband but if I had two of him, I would run screaming like a lunatic.

I keep on forgeting that kriswest is a woman. For woman thinks differently then men.


Its king david not king solomon.