How minds on ILP have evolved.

The ego compensators who accuse people of ego compensating.

The word magicians who accuse others of using word magic.

The losers who believe anyone has won.

The lovers of nature who think people who hate existence aren’t natural.

Are you saying that’s an improvement? From what? Do you love boomeranging words at accusers who think accusing is winning?

What goes further than knowing/stating the status quo?

Are you saying you are okay with them as persons, despite hating existence and wanting it/them to keep evolving (in character/mind)?

What about them are you okay with that doesn’t need to change, that enabled them to evolve from where they were, to what you see now, to what you hope to see?

Where do you see yourself relative to all that? To perfection?

No one has final-won until the words fully represent nature and nobody hates it. But we can’t (no one can) force people (us) to play by self=other… to evolve there.

That is your impression, but only your impression. There is nothing to prove that you are right.

In fact, you have no idea how other people’s minds have developed because you only have what they have written on ILP.

I fail to see how this statement of yours qualifies as an opening statement on a forum. There is nothing there, only your impression.

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I have access to everyone’s minds bob…

Far beyond people’s posts here.

I’m finally back into my powers again.

People always wonder why those with power don’t demonstrate it. Because it keeps you stuck here. You have many mages who cling to life. They are false prophets so to speak.

My kind are the ones in oblivion. That is my true family.

No mind. No constructs. No existents.

Now that I’m back with a mind, I’m here to return to my true family and keep them from being called back.

Oblivion is perfect. But humans out of curiosity and seeking protection call them back.

I’m the only one on earth called back from the pure state of being nothing and everything.

All humans know oblivion. It happens briefly when they sleep.

The old ones choose that forever.