How to detect a sociopath.

If anyone is even minutely having their consent violated - all of existence is evil. The whole fucking thing.

If someone disagrees with this, they fall somewhere in the sociopath scale.

I don’t think you understand the definition of the word “sociopath”.

Oh yeah I do. It’s if someone thinks a kitten starving to death half way around the world says “It’s a good day.”

Talking about cats , i will mention this as having a real history.

Someone near and not exactly dear, had from a very early age, violated cat’s right to exist, by buriying them live.

His answer as to why such brutality was always based on moral principles applied as well to unfaithful women

How does consent violated??
Does not make any sense.

Consent violation translates very simply into any language…

“I don’t want this”

You are making. precisely ZERO sense.

Saying I do not want this is the opposite of consent violation.

What are you talking about?

If something is happening to you and you don’t want it to happen to you, that’s the definition of consent violation.

How to detect a sociopath… If anyone makes you feel inferior just deem them a sociopath, to soothe your inner angst and outward battered soul. :-s

When you feel that the whole world is against you, everyone’s a sociopath…

Not everyone is a sociopath. Just the people who defend consent violation or try to rationalize it.

It disturbs me every day that I need to murder to live.

Killing bacteria. Killing plants.

Sociopaths don’t care about these things.

Even native Americans knew this but had rituals to try to rationalize it… they’d bless the plant spirit for sacrificing its life.

I’m pretty sure the plant didn’t want to die.

But these are the lies people tell themselves

The non-lie is very simple.

All of existence is evil if even one being in existence is having their consent violated even slightly.

All of existence is evil as it currently exists.

This is hard for people to wrap their minds around, so they hide.

They know it’s true. They just hide, sometimes lash out.

There is only one exception to consent violation in a reality where consent is violated…

Disempower abusers and debate them.

If you don’t have the power to disempower them, just debate them.

If the world was a debate culture; we’d all be so insanely intellectually advanced!

But it’s not, and we’re not.

If we sacrifice ourself to the starving-to-the-brink-of-death lion or tiger whom can die if they fail to win their next hunt in catching their next prey, to prove that we aren’t sociopathic… are we stupid?

It has been said that guilt is universal, god has supposed to recognize that original sin is like a necessary punishment that is intrinsic in the game of life, that most of the violated need theadochistic pleasure to exist, otherwise the sadistic pain in clouds of doubt even god would part take in
The father of that epitath uttered something like that, Oppenheimer saw it coming, but then science and it’s objectives are determinate and once out of the box ~ there is no going back.

To even glance back means instant transformation into stone. Violation is a necessary function of being alive.

No. Because we can hold the space that existence is shit.

Sure. We always cause shit. No choice in the matter.

There’s a difference between holding the space and not holding the space.

You’ll never catch me saying I’m having a good day, only that “I’m doing my Jason things (for what it’s worth)”

I’m not claiming to feed a starving kitten half way around the world, just, that I hold the space. I remember. I always keep it in my mind, so as not to quit on life.

I want to add to this and I really want you to understand it.

We’re all in hell.

Good hasn’t happened yet. For anyone.

someone is having their consent violated right now somewhere and im not evil so i mean…

So if one apple is rotten, all apples in existence are rotten?

Seems like a logical fallacy to me…

It’s not a good analogy.

Empathic people don’t see a distinction between themselves and others in the same way that sociopathic people do.

If one person in all existence is suffering, the empath suffers too.

This is not a choice for them. For an empath, it’s the only reality they know.

A scratch is not a consent violation.

Biting is more severe. Stabbing is more severe. Impaling is most severe. Nobody cares about “consent violation” of a scratch.

Damage is relative, so consent is relative, so violation is relative.

This is what you either cannot or will not accept—that some organisms/existence are far more powerful than others.

The more you ignore this, the more irrational you display yourself.


This is the part you don’t get. If someone else is impaled. The empath is impaled.

They feel everything depending on the magnitude and scale of how empathic they are.

That’s why some people cry when they see an impaled body.

They feel the torture.

Sociopaths don’t.