How'd The Jews End Up On Hitler's Radar?

Anyone can answer, but I’d really like to know what liberals and progressives think the reason was for Hitler to pursue the Jews across Europe especially when there were so few in Germany before WWII began?

History states that they began an economic boycott on Germany when Hitler kicked out the Jews who had made Berlin into a modern day Sodom and Gamora…similar to what the US has become.
Similar to what Putin did to the “Oligarchs”. Google their ethnicity. You’ll not be surmised.
The drunk Yeltsin had sold the resource of the Russian people to alien entities. America loved Russia then, as they did before Stalin took over. This has occurred in the past.
See why Stalin purged the Communist party (Trotsky) - and many innocents, no doubt. In such times things can get out of hand. He became a national Marxist (Stalinism) as opposed to Trotsky’s internationalism and his strategy of perpetual revolution - a doctrine the neo-cons adapted and made into perpetual war as the US strategy for world dominion.
Putin became the enemy only after he took back Russian resources and kicked out the parasites.
Germany was in a similar state pre World War II.
Hitler actually made Israel possible. But he wanted to give them Madagascar.
The Brits changed the plan…always the Protestant Anglos. Look into Churchill’s allegiance, and how he changed his mind, during his career, making his election as Prime minister possible.

The victors write the history books, according to their own needs.

There are no good and bad guys in kife.
Beyond good and evil, remember?
The victors make themselves into noble good-guys, and the vanquished become the evil, inhuman monsters.
War is about violence destruction, rape and brutality on all sides. the victor hides his own, and accentuates the negative actions of the vanquished.

Hitler had only three fundamental aims after becoming Fuhrer : establishment of a Third Reich in Europe / collapse of Communism / genocide of the Jews
With regard to the latter when he could not enrol as an art student he thought that Jews had a very disproportionate and decadent influence upon the arts
And while he was a corporal in World War One he would give antisemitic speeches to fellow soldiers so this had been established well before World War Two

No, he wanted to get rid of the Jews, not massacre them.
He wanted to transport them outside Germany. But the war changed his options.
He blamed Communism on the Jews. See how many were part of the Soviet Communist party, before Stalin. Disproportional representation.
Their hatred of Christianity became a Marxist mission to eradicate the Russian Orthodox Church.

Why did Hitler move outside of Germany into Austria and Poland?

Austrians were Germans. He wanted to unite the German tribes. Poland is more complicated. He made an agreement with the Russians to divide Poland. He wanted to prevent Russia from attacking so that he could deal with the Allies.
But paranoia got the best of him. He lost the war because of his premature attack on Russia. I think he was willing to live with Russia, as long as he kept the rest of Europe.
By then Stalin had purged the communist part of internationalist Marxists and had become a nationalist Marxist - what later became known as Stalinism. This purging is what demonized him to the west.

Why were the Jews able to so thoroughly dominate the Anglo-American world more than any other part of the world?

Perhaps because they were so successful economically, militarily, and so they became more decadent and vulnerable to parasitism?

Have you read Heisman’s Suicide Note?
It explains it thoroughly, over 1500 pages.

The short answer can be found in Anglo history and how the Norse dominated and destroyed their culture, producing resentment.
This resentment produced the American Civil War where the Anglo-Puritan Yankees defeated the Norse, elitist, aristocratic southerners.
The history of the Protestant and Anglican Church is another example.
Protestants rejected the last remnants of Pagan Rome, as it had been corrupted and integrated into the Holy Roman Empire - later the Catholic Church - and Byzantium - later Christian Orthodox Church.
It was a rebellion against earthly representatives of divine order. The absolute one-god.
This produced a commonality with the Jews that had been rejected by every tribe they had come in contact with, and had invented the narrative of being ‘chosen by god’ to bring-on the end of times (Armageddon) - essentially they chose themselves as divine missionaries, working on behalf of the one-god.
A shared victim psychology.
You can still see it in the U.S. with its Messianic mission (American exceptionalism & manifest destiny) to ‘liberate mankind’ from itself, and how it explains the world’s animosity toward its dominion as a product of envy. This is typical among victim psychologies.
They are never responsible. They are always pure, good and innocent. Condemned by evil to suffer for their good intentions - Messianism.

Heisman goes into it in more detail. It’s worth reading.

Wow, that’s really fascinating, I’ve got to check that book out, thanks.

I think you can only find it on-line, and it’s free.

He blew his brains out in front of the university he was a professor in.
He wanted to remain true to his own people’s nihilism and returned to the nil.

Hitler was a dictator so did what dictators do which is to take what is not theirs
Stalin was also a dictator but he did not take because he already had an empire
He was far more concerned with consolidating his power base through the purges

When two million had been already executed in I937 / 38 Beria had to stop because they both realised that there would be no bureaucracy left to run the country
Beria himself was subsequently executed - Stalin was incredibly paranoid and trusted no one - he even had his own son who was a fighter pilot shot for cowardice

In a word: dasein.

He lived a particular life filled with particular experiences. He acquired and then sustained particular relationships. He gained access to particular points of view.

Not unlike the manner in which your own narrative regarding the Jews is embedded in an existential framework.

Otherwise the argument of the objectivists goes, it is possible to “think through” questions like this and using the tools of philosophy, political science, sociology and the like, you are able to deduce into existence the most rational understanding of the Jews. Meaning the most natural.

Easily the most simplistic assesments of them all. You know, if I do say so myself.

In a word … Ostseidlung … German expansion towards the east which has been going on for centuries.

Why expand to the east?

Because it has large areas of fertile farmland, mineral resources and oil/gas reserves.

And the dumb Slavs should be easy to beat. “Easy pickings” :evilfun:

Phyllo, how’d the Jews end up on Hitler’s radar?

Because of the nature of Judaism and Christianity.

Judaism : A good Jew is a rich Jew. He has the favor of God.

Christianity : A good Christian is a poor Christian. Rich Christians are going to hell.

Christianity put in place rules which discourage making a profit, lending and borrowing money.

However, profit and borrowing money is essential for expansion and prosperity.

Christians, the merchants, could not make profit to the same degree that Jewish merchants could.

Christians, the aristocracy, had to borrow money and they had to borrow it from Jews. As a result, Jews became wealthy and powerful - disproportionately so.

Christians resented, and still resent, the wealth and power of the Jews.

Hitler felt that resentment personally but he also saw it as a way to unite Germans and to ascend to a leadership position.

That’s the economic context.
To understand further one must delve into the existential context, and how survival strategies emerge and become ingrained as memes.

Money is a Jewish Messiah - salvation from genetic limitations and inferiorities.

They rejected Jesus because they already ha an abstraction that measures truth through how it appeals to a majority.
Communism could not have been invented by any other psychology.
Money measures popular appeal - herd dynamics. If you are willing to do anything to gain it, you have no higher principle other than popularity and market value.

What’s the biggest complaint from posters on this site? Jews have too much wealth and influence.