Human beings bring about 6th major extinction

I’ve heard of this possibly happening but it appears to be actually happening. Congrats humanity! You’ve helped bring about the 6th major distinction in history!

Finally, those things are so annoying. It’s about time they went to a better place right?

I always wonder why everyone assumes that extinction is a really bad thing and that we must keep all the species alive. No-one ever asks the questions, “What’s so inherently wrong in a species becoming extinct?” In most cases it is purely for human interest or benefit so it’s definitely not an altruistic belief. The offspring of that species who haven’t been born yet will not suffer and those who are left will die in their natural course of life and they will know no different. The offpsring of the future don’t think “oh gee we were nearly extinct, thanks humans!”

If some people want to dedicate their lives to saving species then feel free, but I don’t think it’s right to make the whole world feel guilty as if it’s a clear cut moral issue. We don’t mourn other course of nature (and i’m including man in nature) why do we feel that this is one that is so horrific?

  • ben

Yes, they all went to New Orleans :wink:

Extinction can be a very natural thing but it is our increased influence on the environment that is alarming. Species die out, that is a biological fact that isn’t good or bad. Us initiating a massive extinction is alarming because the balance of nature is very delicate and interdependence is further than obvious.