Human origins

Our origin is currently in debate right now, it’s the mainstream versus the “pseudoscientists”, anything they do not agree with is automatically labeled “pseudo”. This video I am going to link is featuring Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience). They talk about many different things here and not only do they talk about these things but they also show photographs and graphs that are quite evident, they use a lot of logical reasoning to defend and support their findings.

Human origins dates back a lot earlier than what is currently accepted. We go back at least 12,000 more years deeper, into Atlantis, which is before Sumeria and Egypt, which is how those two civilizations made such big cultural leaps in their societies, due to some of the populace being possible Atlanteans. This video is very interesting, it’s about three hours long and there was a newer one that I was watching the other day, it was live but I cannot find the recording of it now, this one is from last year, please take some time to watch it and enjoy, very factual and makes a lot of sense.

Here is the one from yesterday, I found it.

Our origin is still unknown it seems, but Mars is still a possibility according to a documentary I watched the other day… due to its previous earlier environment of water and certain gases, so our ancestors could well be Martians.

I will respond to the videos, once watched… in all their long glory.

That is very unlikely.

If they had come from Mars or from another extraterrestrial place, they would have had a high technology, thus, with a high probability: they would have left a mark.

Or do you believe in the ancient astronauts hypotheses of Erich von Däniken?

Not according to the scientist that was talking on terraforming Mars for future human habitation in as little as 24 years it isn’t… Mars had an Earth-like atmosphere before Earth had an Earth-like atmosphere, so there is a possibility that we literally came crashing down to Earth by thumbing a lift on a comet.

I don’t talk about things I know nothing about and neither do I speculate, so please offer me the decency of the benefit of the doubt… oh ye of little faith in my sources.

We’re talking simple-celled organisms, not fully-formed human beings. This theory goes back decades, because it was included in our Science books at my school and taught as a possibility.

I do believe that our sudden surge in technology was not a naturally progressive one, of either the biblical era or the industrial revolution times onwards.

I think it is possible we came from Mars… even if we did come as fully functional humans with high technology, it would have been lost regardless, the Earth has had many natural disasters, there could be so much on the bottom of the ocean floor… I mean look at the megalithic structures, those are pretty advanced… sure, we can “make” them today, so then why don’t we? because technology is not the only trait of being ‘advanced’, one error and we would end up with a corkscrew instead of a pyramid, as Graham said in the video.

The only print humanity today cares to leave is one of pollution and destruction, not one that will be a meaningful message to the future, like what the Mayans left for us.

We may never know what the megalithic structures do either, especially since the governments of the world put so much censorship on all of them.

Then where did the Martians come from?

What are your “sources” then?

“Do”? Do you mean what they are built for? Or what?

From Earth? :laughing:

Both, they could ‘do’ something as well as us not knowing ‘what’ they are for either.

Don’t say Tombs either, that’s mainstream archaeological bs where they claim they’re built by slaves around the era of Egypt, which makes no sense since no rain fall really ever occurs there, not since a very long time ago, of which would mean they are a lot more ancient than depicted by mainstream ‘science’.

Not sure about that one, I think it’s a possibility we did come from Mars though… either by micro or macro… can’t rule out the possibilities completely yet.

It is also possible that the Egyptians built the pyramids and tombs even without slaves. And the Nile was near. The Egyptian culture depended much on the Nile.

Yeah, but they’re megalithic, would the Nile be able to reach that height to cause water corrosion? Or are you meaning, through rain?

Through rain, yes, and a certain amount of air humidity.

Yeah… about that video commentary from me 8-[

The Scientist in the documentary who is part of the team who are working on terraforming Mars suggested it would be ready to be habitable in as little as 14 years… so by 2030 (I got the math wrong in my previous statement on timeframes and miscalculated by +10 years) so that’s in our lifetime - the project to clean up the floating debris orbiting Earth is also underway… in preparation for works to start on Mars? :-k

I agree with Artimas (and many experts) that such megalithic structures served purposes other than for what those who came upon them used them for, and that the precision they were built with cannot be replicated today using techniques from the suggested era they were meant to be created in. Also the weathering patterns suggest the pyramids and Sphinx to be much older than suggested.

Well from what Graham said in the video, Egypt has been bone dry for a very long time, so to have weather corrosion in that way would mean the megalithic structures are much older than what current mainstream science says.

Well, it is also said that the ancient Egypt was the granary of the Mediterranean area and less dry than today.

The Darwinistic selection principle is false, at least in many cases and especially in the case of the human beings. That knowledge leads us to at least two conclusions concerning the human origin:

  1. Do humans stem from apes?
  2. If humans stem from apes, then why do humans become more and more maladjusted resp. more and more (but of course never 100%) independent of natural environment?

I mean: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling said that nature casts up its eyes in the human being. So I am saying that culture casts up its eyes in the current phase of the Occidental culture, which means the trend to transhuman beings.


The orientals may also claim to this albeit in an abbreviated form.