Human Potential/Caged Within Our Own Manifested Boundaries

I just got through answering a post that I would like to collect some more insight on. I am a firm believer in the subconscious, and I like to think that we as humans have the potential to do anything we can put our minds to. But since our environment puts so many restrictions on what we can and cannot do, then we firmly believe that we cannot do these things, therefore resulting in not being able to do them. Does not the blind man or deaf man make up for his losses with his other senses. Though this isnt completed with an understanding of the subconscious, does it not lead on that we are not near our potential? If this is so, is it possible to achieve other, previously before now perhaps or what we consider to be, unattainable feats? Take for instance the aspects of metaphysics that have to deal with human cures and what not. It is believed that the subconscious has the power to heal and contains the infinite knowledge of the universe. If you are unfamiliar with how this ‘supposedly’ works, I will briefly explain. If you firmly and blindly believe something is true in your conscious, then this will leave this same impression on the subconscious, which then acts out the belief and makes it reality. Simple enough, so if you believe you cant acheive something, you have already limited yourself to achieving whatever it was. I feel as if im rambling I think you get the point. The reason most people dont believe in this system is because they feel as if they have tried and have failed. The reason you endure failure is because there is still doubt in your mind. But anyway I would just like to see what you all think about human potential.

As a possibility I doubt that anyone would pose a serious challenge. Your dilemma is, WHERE’S THE BEEF? If you can show me a universal trend where the majority of the people have risen above their own world view and have accomplished something, anything above their own expectations then perhaps we have something to chew on. Failing that, we simply have conjecture based on a few random examples of extra-ordinary thought, insight, or behavior. I would love to believe that my mind is far more capable than what it has shown me thus far. Sadly, no one has picked me for paranormal studies. I was considered for a study of abnormality once, :astonished: but got turned down for that one as well. I don’t believe that the human condition is so tethered that, if we had extra brain capacity, it wouldn’t already be obvious.

Still, it’s a wonderful idea for a mythology or maybe a made-for-television movie. :laughing:


Tentative wrote:

Do not these few random examples create the possibility? If one person can surpass that of what is expected to not be able to be performed, why cant anyone else? The reason we dont see this happening as a universal trend is because it is universaly believed that we cant rise to this potential. The world is constant, when I say this, I am refering how the world sees us, yet what is different is our perception of the world. This means we change it according to us, why cant we change ourselves? Do we?

Optimism, faith, belief is great. And I understand and parcialy agree with your point “If you firmly and blindly believe something is true in your conscious, then this will leave this same impression on the subconscious”. And your subconscious will work to achieve the goal you’ve set, however it is limited and bound, confined to the natural laws in existence. Exprience is very weighty in this matter. No matter how much stronger the mindset of a 300 lb. jockey is he won’t win a single race. And as much as I would love to say these are manifested bounderies, observation claims counter.

The Undergroung Man wrote:

Okay, these natural laws of existence. Why do they exist? Did they exist before we did? I dont believe so, if I’m wrong let me know. Why do they exist? Because we believe in them. Your right about the jockey, yielding that there are certain limits when concerning other outside influences beyond control(the horse). Do you not believe it possible for the 300lb. jockey to win the race on his feet? Sure we all believe and for as far as we can percieve the horse is faster than the human, but this is only because we accept this belief. I believe, that if one obtains a mindset that can truly and honestly dispel this belief, then that mindset would be reality. The question is, with all of our conditioning, and what I consider to be these manifested boundaries, is it possible to reach such a mindset?

You think it’s all conditioning? I don’t think so. When a baby learns about gravity he doesn’t learn about it through Newtonian laws in science class. He falls of a couch and comes to understand, he drops something and learns that the same reaction consistantly follows through. A baby learns that he cannot go through a wall because hes tried and failed. This is not conditioning, but observation of the rules of this world. And as the mind becomes more developed in adult life then it begins to study and scrutinize these laws and arrive at physics. We didn’t produce these limitations, rather we’ve just observed them and assigned them probablity based upon emprical observation.

What reason have we to say there is no spoon?