Human Sacrifice Still Exists...

In the prisons, mental hospitals, and retirement communities.

I know right? But no one cares about those people. So I think it’s kind of ok.

Retirement communities? Please elaborate. In a few years, I qualify for one of the 55+ trailer parks in Florida. Which I was thinking about.

Probably still in some non-states too.

In India women are sometimes burned alive if their families do not have enough dowry money. (the husband burns the wife).

So yes, it still exists.

I hear you. Yeah, you’re right. I’m just saying that we send our unwanted away. Not all retirement communities are bad place. Some are awesome. Almost like college, some of them, but some really are just places where kids send their parents cause they don’t want to have to deal with them anymore, and aren’t very pleasant. There are stories in the news about clowns that work in those places beating down on the people they’re supposed to be taking care of. I think it is pretty common.

But anyway, if we agree that sending people away is a lot like sacrifice, would we better off if we just killed the people? Some people would be better off dead and some do okay in those places. There should be a case to be made on either side.

If you people think any of that is bad, then think of how many ugly people die in this world.

How many people really-care when an ugly person dies??

I know I don’t.

most people die when they’re old…

how many sickly old people aren’t “ugly”?

Their family and friends care obviously

If I know them and like them and they die, which has happened, I care. If I don’t know them, I don’t really care. And pretty people I don’t know who die, I don’t care.

Secretly and unconsciously, you grieve. But I will not press you on this if you protest, but consider it might be best just to remain silent, metaphorically.

Unconsciously maybe.

I’m glad the thought crossed a mind outside of my own.

Certainly the news-media does not care when ugly people die.

That makes a little more sense though, seen any ugly news anchors lately?

You’re saying:

Legally Insane > Criminal > Elderly > Ugly?

It’s not me saying it.

It’s you saying it.

But I agree with you.

You cry over the ugly dead when you sleep…
I am moved.

What does an unconscious feeling feel like?

I don’t remember ever having one… :-k

In the lower social classes and battlefields too.

…unless they are ugly and stinking rich.

just wait until america gets obama-care…

old? hell no, we can’t afford that…

logan’s run…

but have no fear, it will be ashes long before it gets there