Humans are Parochial, Territorial and Feral

While the OP title is a gross generalization, it’s sufficiently truthful for the purpose of this OP.

Humans have always fiercely guarded their borders/frontiers … material and psychic.

Largely Western peoples have created and marketed worldwide the technologies and products … especially in travel and communications … that have increasingly facilitated the infiltration of their borders/frontiers … both material and psychic … by aliens.

Poetic justice? … irony? … law of unintentional consequences?

Two of the hottest topics in America and the EU:

  1. Immigration

  2. Control the narrative/story.

The source of creativity/innovation that lead to this situation is the same geography.Hmmm!

…why I’m not a fan of most humans. :neutral_face:

What is your overall point with this thread? What kind of analytical final conclusion are you trying to make?



That’s not an argument or answer.

Why does a reply have to qualify as an “argument”?

Why is it not an answer … you asked … “What is your overall point with this thread? What kind of analytical final conclusion are you trying to make?”

I answered … telling people what to ‘see’ is naked arrogance … I try to be humble. :slight_smile:

The OP provides a general “direction” … a hypothetical version of human reality … followed by several questions … so far only Mag has more or less agreed with the proposition though she has not addressed the questions.

My assumption is readers can’t … or don’t want to … ‘see’ the proposition.

See what proposition exactly?

My ability to articulate my thoughts crisply and clearly is often sadly lacking. While I ‘see’ my thoughts … expressed as black marks on a screen … quite clearly ,I have some empathy for those who want clarification of a particular word or term or ??? and so on. Empathy for a request for a blanket restatement of my thoughts … not so much. :slight_smile:

Try your best and we can go from there. I’ll try not to be harsh in any criticism.


I sense a failure of trust between us. :wink:

Your posts read like output from Sophia the robot.

I’m an old man … I tire easily.

Over and out :slight_smile:

I am sorry you feel that way but am in no way surprised.

As an old man I would hope you would be smarter than that.