Hush Hush its Scorpio

We can al see that since the Cardinal-Air-Year transitioned into the Fixed Water Year October 26th, the urge to speak has declined, in all people except those who have some truth to speak.

We have the stage to ourselves, gentlemen.

lol Truth has been kept quiet now for almost four months in here.
Now what would this suggest?
Perhaps those who have some truth to speak would rather guard it than throw their gems before the swine. (anyone who would not value it).
But then again, what of those who would?
Anyway, truth may be searched out and found in many places - among the trees, squirrels, birds, ocean, the moon, et cetera. (Just a note).

Just interested. What does Fixed Water Year October 26th mean? I couldn’t find it when I googled it.
My motto according to The Horoscope. Com is “I balance”. There is truth there but it is like water - fluid. It is a learning process…a flow and an ebb.

“I balance” is Libra, Cardinal Air.

As I said, since Jupiter entered Scorpio, truth after truth after truth has been coming out, and it won’t stop.
It started with Weinstein, the pitch-perfect example of Scorpionic truth revealed right at the very outset of the Scorpio year, and moved on to all of Hollywood and then the FBI, and thats just a small bit of the truths that came out.

Jupiter will go retrograde next week, meaning the focus turns inward. We’ll all live very deep often heart wrenching revelations. “We” doesn’t include any cowards of course.

Know Thyself (i.e. face your astrology)