Hyper mirror shit and all that

Ultimately, you need to touch base.

Even in a mirror.

You cant escape everything by escaping one thing infinitely.

Even if emptiness is what one seeks in the infinite mirror, somethings got to appear at one point. And its going to be a music.


My cousin the one who died of being a kind of Jesus always figured he sang Man in the Kliwwe.

Infinity bends and forms shapes and thats light which is the string tying together the curvature of timespace marking the fifth dimension, the limits to relativity, in 5d c unfolds as a formula for music that progresses infinitely perfectly tight.

Besides the mirror is fractalized,
You cant pass from reflection to reflection except through progression of aspect nigga.

secret lesson


When you’ve lived a life like mine, which you don’t need to know about…

One thing that strikes you through all the shit, is that if shit miracles can occur, so can non shit ones.

This whole thing we’re in is a world of imagination.

The universe will always take the best non contradictory idea and do something to manifest it.

I have the best non contradictory idea in the cosmos.

It was evolution, and hard won.

I often say to people, “you can pray to me, and I’ll accept your prayers, but the first thing I’ll teach you is to never pray again.”

I’m a person who enjoys collapsing resource dependencies rather than maintaining them out of greed.

One thing that scares people when I apply this to philosophy is that I end the need to debate it anymore, because I supply the factual answer, not at first, but eventually.

The wiser I become, the less I have to say, and eventually one of my inevitable fears is that I’ll run out of words just like people run out of heartbeats.

But truth is always the job, no matter how exhausting or scary.

this thread has been quite edifying, so we’d like to thank you, boys.

The only way you can know this for certain is if you know of every single non contradictory idea in the cosmos
And for that you would have to possess knowledge of every one that has ever existed and will ever exist as well

You will probably respond to this with a few one liners followed by lots of exclamation marks professing your perceived omniscience
I must however congratulate you on your consistency over time with regard to those wonderful journeys that your mind takes you on

Meanwhile try and remember if you can that Mother Nature will have permanently killed you - all of us too - before you solve the problem of consent violation
But have you ever thought about taking her out instead because she seems to the cause of all the problems here and so her removal could bring about Utopia

Should you fail then we will hopefully see you on the other side - I dont think theres any consent violation there so you should be happy - and eternally so too

I would not worry about that too much because Mother Nature is working really hard trying to make sure that you - and everyone else - runs out of both
Its really a complete waste of time fighting her as she has an absolutely perfect record - but whatever floats your boat - whatever floats your boat man

Well, it can’t be holograms or robots because those are sentient.

It can’t be philosophical zombie worlds because we’d never be pleasantly suprized. (This also includes marionette worlds)

It can’t be hallucinating from eternal forms because it’s too unstable

So that just leaves hyperdimensional mirror realities

You forgot about death which unlike all of those other things that you mentioned is actually going to happen
When it does you will have attained peace of mind and shall then be free from suffering for the rest of time

I’ve already explained to you that if we truly die in the future, that we now, are a subset of we dying completely, thus we can prove that because we exist now, we will never die.

And trust me! I was the most badass dude who tried to destroy all existence forever, for a while; I hated that it wasn’t possible!

I like the idea but please make the logic more clear.
I also believe in eternity, in ways and for reasons I shouldnt really like, put online, but - well, there you go. You are willing to put this stuff online so have at it.

Pretty cool. Also that it didn’t work. I think its because you still did it from an existent motivation, you were still caring for something (valuing).

Well, it turns out that there’s a SERIOUSLY fucked up hell realm for kings who try to destroy existence.

There, I said it, I’m one of the anointed kings on earth.

I was in a category of being that the spirit world is very familiar with: a suicidal king.

I’m not really suicidal anymore. I was literally, with all of the power given me, one of the most suicidal people possible, I was so insanely suicidal that when I stopped really being suicidal, I became suicidal that I wasn’t suicidal (it’s all I knew)

So here I am, moving into existent solution mode.

I know why you’re timid to speak out about eternity, you think there’s no justice and that someone will get away forever with sin.

Absent hyperdimensional mirror realities, that’s not the way the cosmos works.

A lot of people don’t know what sin is: it’s contradiction.

Now here’s the deal: of you refuse to atone, you will be sent to hell. It’s that simple. Hell wouldn’t be hell of it was in any way defined as something that you wanted. The only beacon of hope for people in hell, is that hell has to be educational and timely, otherwise the people who hell you will be sent to hell, and they don’t want that!

The logic is already what I said:

If you are dead, then the you right now couldn’t exist, as that is part of you. You can run a proof through contradiction that you never die from this.

Thanks for your interest

The first sentence is meaningless word salad and the second sentence makes even less sense and to be really precise none at all
The only thing that you have destroyed is any attempt at trying to use reason to justify any of your ridiculous statements here
I expect more from the member with the highest IQ on the forum not this nonsense that you post all the time and nothing else

You cannot apply logical argument to empirical reality and so this so called perfect proof through contradiction is therefore invalid
What is logical and what is empirical are not the same so you are falsely conflating two entirely separate branches of epistemology

Have you ever heard of spirit mediums? How do they do this if people are dead-dead?

Almost everyone on earth has a spiritual visit that they can recount … I’m not saying anything revolutionary here.

My first step father was camping in the redwoods and while he was sleeping, his uncle came to him and said he’d died. My step father went to the first phone he could find and found out it was true. There are billions of stories like this. For all those people, you do look the fool… not in a bad way, just that you haven’t seen it yet.

I read a book once written by a spirit medium I knew in Indiana. it says live people ignore the strange and unusual. I myself am strange and unusual…