Hypocrisy of Homo Americanus

Hypocrisy = pretence.
Deceit that may be founded on self-deciet, making the deceptive individual unaware of his own deceptions - adamant that he is honest and expressing his “true self”.

Homo = both interpretations apply.
Emasculated, feminized man.

Americanus = a civilization type emerging from particular ideological foundations, considered self-evident and indubitable.
Product of the American dominion - Empire of Lies.

Homo Americanus is against biodiversity, when it comes to only one species, his own - Homo Sapient.
He rejects all diversity other than his American understanding of diversity.

What is this socialized, edumacated, indoctrinated form of “diversity”?

First of all, it is entirely superficial, and he will admit to it, since for him all ‘appearances are superficial,’ meaning uniformity underlies all multiplicity; sameness underlies all apparent differences; oneness underlies all multiplicities.
This is foundational for Homo Americanus, so by diversity he implies falsehood, or pretence, or a contrivance.
What he would describe as a “free expression” of his individuality…which presumably is also superficial, if it is to remain consistent.

All diversity, for Homo Americanus, has to do with consumerism.
Sexual options, menu options, dress options, spiritual options, lifestyle options …etc.

If we add to this “diversity” the belief that he is not a free-agency, has no free-will, then what ids being implied - though rarely ever rationalized or made ludic - is that it’s all part of what has been determined, so his individualistic expression, displayed through the previous options, are really part of cosmic fate - his cynicism is rooted here.
His self-cotnradictinos must be laughed away as universal truths, all are guilty of. His shamelessness is also rooted here, because nothing he says or does is really him…I mean what is ‘he’ other than what has been determined?
Those that do believe in free-will find in their consumer options evidence of their power.
remember, choice expressed will and options are determined by power/freedom, therefore, for Homo Aemricanus, his consumer options fills him with the sense of power and freedom.

This is partly why he rejects biodiversity…because he has no power, no freedom of choice.
Race/Ethnicity, sex/gender, are natural limitations of his freedom of choice, so he must denounce and dismiss them.
For those who don’t believe in free-will they are manmade limitations of his comic fate. He must liberate himself from all “earthly authorities”, to become fully determined by cosmic fate.
Here, ‘fate’ implies progress which is always linear and a movement towards what is eternally “better” than the past.
Anarchism is rooted here, as well: rejection of all tangible earthly arche, so as to completely and totally submit to incorporeal, intangible, totalitarian, arche - they will not submit to the tangible - their ego will not allow it - but they will completely surrender to the intangible. We see this clearly in the US.
Anarchy was a byproduct of Communism, until there was a split, given that anarchy is inapplicable because it cannot compete with what Marxism became…State authoritarianism. As long as one such entity exists, no anarchy can survive…

All change is good, once liberated from earthly restrictions, because all physical movement is towards the metaphysically divine…the good, the perfect …the one…ergo progress is always a positive term.
Uniformity is still the objective.
All individuation is a movement towards a union with absolute oneness. Remnant of Gnosticism …via Abrahamic and secular (Marxism) corruptive interludes.
No earthly collectives will be tolerated - including biological collectives, e.g., race, sex, nor any ideological collectives based on the physical, physis…but spiritual collectives will be embraced, e.g., mankind, humanity, god, chosen, sinner/saint, cosmic mind/spirit etc.

Homo Americanus is passionately anti-tribal…[size=80][see above][/size].
He rejects all categories that divide mankind…and always only one species.

Yet, he protects, vehemently defends, a group whose entire identity is based on a dozen semitic tribes, claiming to be divinely sanctioned.
He has no problem with their tribalism, because it’s not tangible, but intangible.
Yet, he protects and defends those decedents of African tribes that still choose to identify with their tribal ancestry, even if they do not know what it is.
He has no problem with their collectivized tribalism, because they’ve been victimized…they are the “noble savages” that were corrupted by evil. They were the ancestors of primitive goodness, that never harmed anyone…until they were taken advantage of and corrupted.
They adore primitive tribes…representing untapped potentials they can manipualte…I mean, raise, cultivate, teach to become just like them.

Their anti-Tribalism is very specific.
Sometimes it is good; sometimes it is not good.

What determines the difference?
Their American upbringing.
They don’t know how or why but they immediately recognize bad tribalism - usually white/European - and are blind to any other forms…and if others bring it before them they defend it as ‘good tribalism’.

What’s the defining factor?
If you are part of the highest level of the victim hierarchy then you are exempt from what restricts the lower levels of the victim pyramid.

Victims require a abuser…a victimizer.
If you’ve been identified as belonging to this group then you have no victim privileges.
All identity is denied to you.
You must make amends for your “evil” inheritance by serving the victims your ancestors abused; you must commit cultural and individual suicide; you must never identify with any collective, unless it is as a subordinate to victim collectives.

The dominated must avenge themselves upon the dominant, so that salvation can be attained.
Punishment for individuation and natural injustices.

Cynicism is one of the consequences of Homo Americanus and his mindset.
He worships power.
He is obsessed with it.

Primarily through association.
He has the psychology of a mind born and raised under the shadow of a great power…which he now considers invincible.
He cynically dismisses everything that speaks out against it because, in his mind, it is futile to challenge a power he’s completely surrendered to…because it remains intangible.
It’s a power he prefers not to identity…and when some make an attempt to identify it, he laughs it away as conspiratorial.
He must maintain this omnipotent power in an incorporeal state - faceless, will-less, formless…an idea, because then it does not confront his fragile ego.

Homo Americanus loves to attain power through association, as long as the association remains intangible - vague, obscure, unidentified.
Not a collective, an association, he can easily deny and replace.
He loves the effects of power…the tangible consequences, but not the identification of the source.

You will always find Homo Americanus siding with what he identifies as the most powerful entity…adopting, emulating, trying to replicate the effect.
He finds encouragement in his endeavour by the very powers he’s emulating.

So, he didn’t really give a shit about Nietzsche and his romanticism, what he coveted was his effect.
He wanted to replicate the effect.
And he easily adopts to parasitism as the American way…to feel nothing, no connection, with the masses you are to manipulate and then exploit.
This is his adopted ambition.
Lie, steal, kill, and feel nothing…because he is ‘superior’ to those he depend on.
He will repeat their lies, but not really believe them, if he receives the desired reasponce…the consequence.
If he can’t be a powerful corporate executive, he’ll settle for a low-level street hustler…who identifies with the executive and not those they both exploit in their own way.
Their common ambitions set them apart.
Ergo, he becomes an archaist, to express his disdain for the mediocre masses…otherwise how can he justify exploiting them?
No manmade laws apply to him…he’s above it all.
“Parasite” is what the weak call those who are gifted enough to exploit and manipulate them.

Isn’t exploitation part of nature?

Scavengers can’t bring down big game, but they can feed on the carcasses.

Homo Americanus isn’t interested in truth, he’s only interested in what he can use…what has an effect…even if it’s a lie.
Philosophy is not something that comes natural to his pragmatic disposition, since he can find very little in ancient wisdom he can apply within his Americanised environments.
Environments founded on lies, leave very little room for truth.
In fact, truth is punishable, if and when it openly contradicts the shared lies he has become accustomed to - shaping his attitude and strategies to take advantage of them.
He can adopt and adapt anything to his needs…cynicism is acknowledging this fact.

To be focused on truth is what those who cannot adapt to lies do…for Homo Americanus.
He doesn’t care about truth…lies are much more malleable because there’s nothing restricting them but the gullibility of the target.
Lies have a common source in human weakness…truth doesn’t…truth exists independent form human needs, desires, hopes, dreams…
They can’t use truth…but they can use lies… They can contribute and redirect them… exploiting the same needs/desires the original exploited.

You got to be a playa…a hustler…
Truth is an antithesis…a hindrance.

Hyperbole is always the most important part of modern lifestyles. Anything to raise man out of mediocrity and his everyday dullness; raise him out of the primal muck, convincing him that he’s transcended; that he’s progressed.
There’s nothing left for him to find, other than gratifying needs and desires.
Contrary to hyperbole only hyperbole will do. Either, when feeding into it, or responding to it, subtlety will be lost in the din of its exaggerations.
Hyperbole demands an equally hyperbolic response… claiming victory, even while it is being destroyed.

Why is Homo Americanus not inclined towards philosophy, and when he is it is always to posture and impress…to cultivate an image?
Because he cannot bear the truth…and philosophy’s subject is the truth - objective reality…world.
Born and raised in an Empire of Lies, a meritocracy of liars, admiring those who can get away or profit from the biggest deceptions, he cannot comprehend the very subject of philosophy.
What fi the truth goes against conventional beliefs? What benefit is in it, then?
Friend of wisdom?
He needs passionate escape…to be lost in emotions.
‘Friend’ is too rational …not immersive enough…offering no quality by association.
Homo Americanus is only interested in what works…and what works is often what can impress his fellow Americans.
Hyperbole…go big or go home…
Numb minds need screams and slaps to awaken them from their hedonistic stupor.

They are mobile somnambulists - zombies…the walknig-dead…
How can you awaken what might die if it were shocked back into reality?
They need the Platonic cave…shadows and flames.

If you aren’t born with an extraordinary talent, hard work, over time, will do.
A big risk may cut down the time and the hard work.
In lieu of both an extraordinary talent, and a desire for hard work, or a stomach for a big risk, what’s left?
Make yourself a “brand”.
Marketing…hyperbole acting as lubricant on the minds of the gullible.
Going that extra mile… taking that extra step…doing what few others are willing to do to “make it”…

American dream is for those still sleeping.
Don’t need to move to America to realize it…all you need to do is do what Americans do…buy into the lies of those around you, and keep your mouth shut. Open it only to parrot them…squawk!!
If possible, believe the lies…to make the performance more convincing.
Never, ever, challenge them.
If the majority repeats it, then shut up, otherwise they will gang up on you… they will silence you, and make you pay for your blasphemy.
Make “friends” of all except wisdom…estalbish and maintain social connections …networking…get along…
It’s all a social product…everything.
The world itself.

Homo Americanus has been convinced by the lie that his standard of living is due to diversity, or freedom…and not due to exploiting the natural and human resources of other nations.
He’s a staunch opponent of all forms of human exploitation …but is unable to acknowledge that his own privileged lifestyle is based on the exploitation of other peoples.

He tells himself it is for other reasons…America’s geography, its natural resources…its ingenuity, its American spirit, its openness, its meritocracy…its democratic values, its diversity…etc.
This are the lies he tells himself to continue living as he is; upon the misery of others.

This is not against my values…I don’t claim to be a Chrisitan, nor a Democrat, nor an altruist …but you…you do.
You must lie to yourselves to go on living as you do…supporting policies that benefit and maintain your American lifestyles.
You good Christians and Jews…you open minded compassionate Socialists… you good Americans…

Lies…lies…all the way down.

At least have the decency to admit “might is right”…and stop screaming in pain as you beat others to a pulp.

Homo Amerianus assumes that his ambitions are universal…and so he judges failure according to how others attain his ambitions.
Most often these ambitions are collective, though he pretends to be an individualist.
Fame & Fortune…is homo Americanus’ ambition…both dependent on the acknowledgment and appreciation of others.
This makes him inclined to prostitute himself… physically and mentally.

Lying is a form of mental prostitution.

If we analyze the three foundations of Americanism’s Empire of Lies

…we find in all three a kind of prostitution.

Quantities are equalizing, in the sense that their participation in a sum total reduces all to a uniform whole. Compensating for the absence of quality with the presence of quantities unsuccessfully multiplies what is absent; in the same way 0 can be multiplied by any numerical value, producing the same outcome.

Homo Americanus is dominated by quantities, overcompensating for the absence of qualities.
Greed and gluttony, expressing the psychology of “more is better than less”…a contradiction of a Delphic maxim…ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ

Modernism’s offers a consenting benefit for what it has taken as the price of its continued maintenance. The loss of qualitative depth compensated with quantitative superficial experiences.

Homo Americanus is a quintessentially urban creature.
Even those who still maintain a suburban, or country lifestyles, are interconnected with urbanity, via TV and Internet. Urbanity is beamed into the countryside.

Cynicism is a byproduct of this “inner detachment” from what is immediate.
Homo Americanus feels no relationship to his neighbours. His neighbourhood is located within the global networks.

Money = messiah.
With money Homo Americanus hopes to become worthy of salvation.
Money liberates him from an impoverished genetic inheritance; money liberates him from his past - sum of all past nurturing, i.e., nature; money can give him access to the material he needs to reinvent himself - bury himself in concealing garments, surgical procedures, prosthetics, luxuries,… adornments…
Money is the medium through which he can construct his own private techno-Utopia - replacing Paradise - in a perpetually imminent future. Hope reigns eternal.

Homo Americanus evaluates himself monetarily. How much he sells; how valued he is within the system he’s adopted as his standard.
To be “valued” is his highest ambition.
God shows his approval, by enriching him.
God = humanity; Humanity = god.
The collective is the mind of god rewarding those it has chosen to represent the divine.
Poverty = disapproval - unchosen.
Wealth = approval - chosen.

Poverty is how the collective - god - punishes those who do not show the appropriate reverence, or that fail to perform the necessary ritualized sacrifices.

Hypocrisy is part of salesmanship.
Politics must deceive …to remain effective.
Pharisee hypocrisy is now part of the psyche of Homo Americanus…the “art of deceiving”, the “science of marketing”.
Cynicism is the acknowledgment that its all a performance - an act…a lie.

Philosophy becomes political…not a pursuit of truth.
Its objective is influence…effect.
Using words to affect - psychology is its “wisdom”.

Humanity = world.
Magic can only affect humanity…and nothing outside humanity.
And what is “magic” but the effect of semiotics on the human psyche - logos.