I Am Beyond God

God is an idea within me.

I am beyond my ideas.

I am beyond God.

Opps. Sorry, wrong forum.

Underground man is an idea within me
I am beyond my ideas
I am beyond Undergroundman

I would have expected someone like Future Man to say something like this… but you TUM? I don’t know… Hey, what past qualifications have you for being above the divinely perfect, considering such a thing exists?

Iron Dog,

You are correct. " The world as idea and representation " – Schopenhauer.


Look again. I did not say above.

What makes you think TUM exists outside of you and I? What makes you think that you can have expectations about what TUM will say? Look closer. Do you think you know who TUM is? How can you know, when andre doesn’t know who TUM is? TUM is my idea. TUM is your idea. I am beyond TUM. You are beyond TUM.

Look: I am = I exist.

Try this: Any idea, which has become knowledge, which has become representation, has become past. I am. I exist. beyond the past. I Am Beyond God.


It’s interesting that you bring future man up, because I figured out what his sig means yesterday. I wrote him into a, so far, 7 chapter extended essay yesterday – a part of which, dealt with the explanation of his sig. I find it funny how things unfold. I’ll post it up when I finish it up, and you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

You’ll notice, I misquoted Schopenhauer, or did I? " The world as Will and representation " – What do you think will is? Better yet, Will and representation.

Anyone who wants to make a fool of me, is a friend of mine. Please, go ahead.

Above, beyond… it all depends on interpretation… I could even say you were “ahead,” but that wouldn’t be enough would it? Point is, you know what I meant…heh.

Uhm, eh, ack! Okay, I give up.

Besides being an Idea within you, the God is everything else,
You are God, beyond your ideas, who can not be beyond the God ,
He’s everything else, remember :wink:

Fun parlor trick. But “I am” isn’t impermeable either. Once you formulate yourself in the “I am,” the same thing applies. You’re already “beyond” yourself. I Am Beyond I Am Beyond I Am…

Welcome to the abyss staring into you part.

No, he isn’t. He isn’t me. And he isn’t you. Nor is he existence. That’s what’s left. But not without the holes. . .the abyss staring back. But. . . i don’t know about you, i however, have enough. Perhaps, too much.

How can you have enough and too much ?
You don’t exist, your words are my imagination, and I am yours.

Who said " You don’t exist, your words are my imagination, and I am yours. " ??

I never said such a thing.

I exist beyond you! Not, I do not exist. I exist beyond myself as well, I create metaphysical representations of illusory selves, protaganists in my own story, subject to eternal flux. I exist, but always beyond the idea! Always ahead of the idea.

Fine, sagesound, i was wrong to jump on you, yes, above, beyond, outside, the ’ idea ', which is everything.–but, nobody said it wasn’t real, nobody said it was open to alteration, nor did anybody say the converse. Perhaps, the outsider, the ’ i ’ that ams, is but an empty observer --if, that is, all paradigms are abolished. Whatever it is, one is always keenly aware of perspective, one can, and may, look from a perspective from beyond, i.e., looking from atop, rather than below; switch perspective with god, and look upon him.

Wrestle with the Angel.

right there, in Torah’s poetry.

Want to see?

God is within a text!

You are outside the text! You are outside the book! You are fucking beyond, comprende?

The Observer alters the observation.

Cool. I like how you phrased it. “I Am” also works double sens, as the name of God. I Am Beyond I Am Beyond I Am…


that’s a play on Nietzsche: “Stare long enough into the abyss and the abyss begins to stare into you.”

I need to read Nietzsche; I only know of his writing through second hand sources, which probably isn’t knowing him at all. Thanks for the quotation.

Although, I still appreciate your paraphrase, using the gerund form of “staring” heightens the perception of immediacy. The gerund or “verbal noun” form also comes closer to presenting flux, rather than a solidified noun and verb as separate entities.

You exist because your flesh (that is not yours) exist. Once your flesh is
gone, you’re gone.
Nietzsche and reality are two opposite dimensions, because abyss do not
have eyes. It is OK for you to believe what that dude have said, but it is still nothing close to wisdom. Nietzsche is dead phisicaly, but spiritualy still
alive, thanks to your brain.
You have mentioned Torah, then you know who is Moses, i guess.
That dude wrote Prophecy called Genesis, and you got billions people
today believing, that women was having conversation with a snake :blush:
You do not have clue what is God, but you are beyond that ??
I can not feel your state of mind, even if eye want 2 :cry:

                    much love !

God is an idea, within me.

I am my ideas.

I am God.

In Tomah’s Gospel is written “Pick up stone and you will find me, cut the tree and I’ll be there”. What does it mean- God is inside us, we trust in him or we don’t, there is no other option.

100 % truth !!
Now you talking !! :sunglasses:

It means God is everything, including You, from your first breath to your last.
You are God as long as you live, because God is Living God.
You can see perfection of God, only if you know the truth.
If you know the truth, then you’ll feel that Son and Father are same Dimension.

          much love bratko !!