I am both the Last Man and the Last Woman alive.

I am the Last Man.

  • I don’t enjoy rules and regulations
  • I hate modern music that’s on the radio
  • I want to love date and bang 20% of the women I see and I don’t care about the rules
  • I hate people a lot
  • I see people and society as being stupid
  • I believe guns are good, but also bad in the wrong hands, and that the wrong hands will always have guns therefore guns should never be banned
  • I am down to earth and reasonable

I am the Last Woman.

  • I care about the planet and ecosystem
  • I believe men have feelings
  • I do not shame men for having sex drives
  • I do not objectify men, I do not show them off as collectibles or trinkets
  • I’ve imagined myself marrying the man of my dreams, in my rightful place as his woman
  • I’ve always liked dolls
  • I believe women are not nurturing anymore
  • I want my man to work hard so I can have money, but I want him to be happy. I don’t like to see him suffer. I would rather him to be happy and jobless than me to be rich.
  • I do not fault a man for following his natural desires and flirting with a beautiful dolled up woman. I believe women who doll themselves up, but get extremely triggered by a man’s advances, are downright evil and selfish. For example if I dressed up like a slut and a man touched my butt, I would not try to ruin his life by reporting him to the authority, I would just quietly laugh it off with my friends, because I recognize that I am the true manipulator and true molester by walking around like a slut.
  • I realize that women are satisfied when a man is in charge, as well as bad at directions, and I will not deny the satisfaction I get from an attractive dominant male leading the way.
  • I feel guilty when I hurt someone, like a natural woman should, unlike a modernized primadonna.

[b]Furthermore, I realize Genius forums is essentially a Cult- And I will explain why later. But I still value their essence and they are an important introductory stepping stone to reach the path of super sanity.


What discussion would you like to raise with regard to your op?

The discussion concerning the fall of society and lack of masculinity and femininity in society. Or whatever else.