“I am tolerant. I just hate you.”

Democrats have no shame.

As my friend says the whole leftist movement is basically nothing else than the fight against feeling shame. Basically the fight against sensibility for others and for the world. The fight of the organized sociopaths agains the rest of us.

Do you truly not see yet, dem-voters?

Yeah right.

Ah, I see that the newest meme has reached you. Dems, mob rule…

Man, are you gullible. I recall a saying about William Jennings Bryant,

“a thought in his head will die of loneliness.”

Do you truly not see yet, voters for the party of treason, the GOP.

Why not try this instead. Have some real thoughts about the difference
between the GOP and the Dem’s. Try having a philosophical inquiry into
what the GOP actually stands for and a philosophical inquiry into what
the dem’s stand for and for a nice change of pace, try to actually be honest.

I know, I know the indoctrination and superstitions and habits and
prejudices of yours that prevent honest thinking will prevent you
from holding a honest, intelligent inquiry into this question, but hay,
if you wish to be ignorant all your life, knock yourself out. As I cannot
change or stop your full fledge rush into ignorance, I shall hold out hope
that someday you might engage in an honest inquiry into why you are
so indoctrinated and prejudice and superstitious and that is my tolerent
thought for the day. I hope you become enlighten as to why you are so


Okay, possibly.

But do or do not Democrats and liberals claim precisely the same sort of thing in regard to Republicans and conservatives?

So, I would like to extend an invitation to folks all along the political spectrum to come here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=194382

There we can explore your moral and political convictions as rooted in reason more or less than embedded existentially in the life that you lived.

How much actual certainty can we accumulate in regard to our moral and political values?

How can we know – know beyond all doubt – that our own values do in fact reflect that which all rational and ethical men and women are obligated to share?

Why are you listening to the loudest and most extreme shouters claiming to represent an entire half of the American political duopoly, and using their example to rule out that entire party (and possibly other presumed associations besides)?

Why not examine what said party actually does/represents versus alternatives in an objective manner, using evidence and commentary judged by you to be actually intellectually engaging instead of sensational?

Hysteria is such a problem in the internet age, because that’s what catches the most attention and requires the least thought. It’s what fuels these liberals you hate (as in another thread of yours) just as it fuels the people who rise to them in a cycle of stupidity. It’s going to get us nowhere, and it’s best to transcend it.

I now have a theory, which goes that in the current state of affairs the right represents the intelligence of mankind and the left the lazy mind which wills the end.

The theory is based on the fact that intelligence wants to look at facts and can also calculate with great groups of facts. In the democrats the only constant is constant redaction of their previous mistakes which, honestly, run into the hundreds of thousands in two years.

Nature wants to learn from her suffering but the democrats simply take tranquillizers and antidepressants.

I dunno Im talking here so sillily because hey were all just folks but Id definitely bet money on a big IQ gap.
Maybe its an EQ gap too. What sure is that Dem is for Demented.

Based on that post, wouldn’t its content suggest you are democrat?

Morality is not like mathematics. It does not deal in absolute truth. Instead it evolves over time from a foundation of consensus. But there are no tablets of stone dictating what that consensus should be about or how it can translate into objective morality. To assume otherwise is to misunderstand the nature of morality and
of free will. As free will negates the very notion of objective morality in two senses : the freedom to think for yourself and the freedom to act for yourself. Which
includes the freedom to go against the consensus in thought and in deed. Even those who share the common morality of a belief system or ideology will still retain
their individual free will which they can exercise any time they want to. So long as there is free will there cannot be objective morality. The two are incompatible

Morality is exactly like mathematics …

Everyone, for example, wants freewill without consequences they don’t consent to.

There is not an exception to this for every possible being that exists.

Then that is a theory based on a simplification so binary that it renders itself meaningless. Intelligence is no more exclusive to the right than laziness is to the
left. The reality is way more subtle than that. Right and left are actually spectra not single monolithic entities where everyone thinks exactly the same. There
are also those who are not exclusively right or left but a combination of both

I’ve said it before on these boards and I’ll say it again!!!

Right, left, progressive, independent, green, libertarian, socialist, anarchist, communist. Etc…

All these parties mean EXACTLY the same if you have a good population and good executive/administrators.

One is not inherently better than the other… as long as there a hundreds of millions of fuck ups, no party works.

The consequences of free will are mistakes that have to be learned from so that they are not repeated
Once mistakes have been made then the question of consent becomes irrelevant because of personal responsibility
This is true even when the consequences were unknown in advance because ignorance cannot be used as an excuse

You’re speaking from the perspective of a zero sum reality, you’re putting your masculinity into a reality which is evil on its face… to define you as a man, (zero sum) separate from others …

You want ego, instead of non zero sum realities

You don’t look at a zero sum reality and say, “if I win, I lose”, you’re in it for the dominance.

Non zero sum reality does not work in this reality which we all experience because it is negated by free will so as a concept it is simply meaningless
You have to deal with the reality which actually exists not the reality that you want to exist because the only place where that exists is in your mind

As long as human beings have free will there can be no such thing as non zero sum reality

Purge the swamp. That means both Democrats and Republicans have to go. Both have some agenda of making a monoparty.