I Believe In God

To the idea of why would he start a thread:

  1. His OP asks anyone to do something absolutely impossible, to argue about whether he believes in god.
  2. This is a result of folks, like myself in the past, having argued with turtle that what he believes in is not, “God”.
  3. As a result, his thread makes perfect sense in this context.


Add some time and other discussions, and you arrive at:

The last line sounds like a contradiction to:

But instead, it’s slight facetiousness.
He’s begging for a comparison between arguing over what the definition of, “God”, is as equal to debating what, “I”, or, “Belief” are.

This thread is basically him stating that he believes in god by the name he has given his experiences which to him are god and if anyone wants to argue about what he calls god, knock yourself out.
The counter-challenge to this is that you can’t really argue with something that isn’t defined by words when the discussion is only available in words; which is somewhat his point here it seems.

So he’s not aimless and baseless.
He’s responding to a longer discussion full of pretense.

Directly to your point, turtle, touche.
You do make a point about your use of the term.

I still stand that if you say that name to common people you meet without explaining the pretense of your use of it, that they will not remotely grasp what you are referring to and take you to mean something radically different than what you mean by the name.
That was always my primary point in singling out the manner in which you use the word.

I think you give him too much credit.

I don’t know how much credit I would give him either. Though I do think we are getting somewhere.

What is it we are getting at? That God cannot be known but rather must be intuited.

The more we talk about it the more confused we become. This discussion is not meant for words.

Logos is long gone?

What’s that signature line? “I never speak as well as I write; I never write as well as I think.”