I challenge Ecmandu and Trixie to debate one another

I want to see an epic battle between Trixie and Ecmandu, on not just one debate, but say, 5 debates, with whoever winning the most debates being the ultimate winner.

It has to be on hard subjects for them, like each assigned to defend a competing theory in quantum mechanics (can’t choose their preference, they gotta defend whatever they are tasked with) against the other. Can be on International Law, AstroPhysics, Advanced Mathematics, History, stuff like that.

I want to see a true battle of wits between the forums two top posters. Winner chosen after all five debates are complete, the moderator of the match chooses the debate topics from suggestions be everyone Except Trixie and Ecmandu, given to the moderator in secret PMs… don’t want to lower the quality of the debates by them having foreknowledge and research time.

Answers from the gut and the little they know about them from past readings, short debates, no more than two days max a piece. The less they are expected to know about a topic, and the tougher the topics, and the more serious, the better. A true Clash of the Titans.



Are you volunteering to judge the debate, Turd?

At the rate people are unexpectedly banned, without explanation or recourse to defence, it would be irresponsible for anyone to say they will moderate a debate for 10 days (2 days per topic).

I believe most anyone can moderate this one, as the topics are chosen by popular suggestion. I can do a few if need be. But know I’m not selfish and am willing to share the responsibility. We can form a Committee of Wisdom to shadow Ecmandu and Trixie.

Trixie vanquished behemoths before, vanquishing a debate should be easy for her. Challenge accepted.

I like figuring out new ways to think that correspond accurately and get credit for them.

Not sure how that measures in debate…

It means nothing to me to out debate Trixie on a topic of the forums choosing …

Who says you will?

The subject will be advanced chemistry. The debate will be over whether or not extracted ion chromatograms should be used when synthesizing mentholated alkaloids. Trixie will argue yes, with the technology available, this is the most efficient way. Ecmandu will argue no, a separation of stereoisomers should be performed manually so that molecular hyperextension doesn’t happen to the atomic bonds.

Get your keyboards ready and begin on my mark.

You gotta make a thread in the discussion area, Trixie vs Ecmandu, Round 1

Note in your opening post the time table, at least 48 hours.

And advertise the conditions for anyone else to propose and moderate the next discussions.

Give everyone a time table to vote on the results from round one, like a week. They may want to research it themselves. They can vote while round two is moving forward.

I call the right to moderate round five.

Nope. Finalize the terms of the debate, pick participants, topic, format, and judges. Then ask a mod to create the debate for you.

Discussion is for non-participants to discuss a debate in progress, and for everyone to discuss a concluded debate.

c.f. the Debate Forum Rules.

Then it’s off, for not other reason that Carleas being a cunt about it. Like fucking hell he is going to start pushing around people in a voluntary debate. It might be your site, but know your but a annoying hangnail in the larger realm of philosophy and have very little say in how people will think or debate. All you can do is wound and contort free speech, it’s all you’ve ever done.

Everyone record in your diaries, Carleas is a cunt, clearly opposed to free speech and open debates.

Fucking amazing the nerve of some people. It was freely agreed upon, open and structured enough to work. Nothing wrong with the first topic volunteered, highly intellectual, and balanced.

I suppose it is critical as a philosopher to be accurate with language - when I said it means nothing to me to win a debate with Trixie on a topic picked by the forum, I meant to imply that I’m not compelled to do it.

Apparently you are interested in treating Trixie and I as a joke in a cluster compared to your “astounding” normative intellects… Why don’t you debate Trixie or I if you feel like that.

I think carleas read the context correctly and responded appropriately.