I challenge Ecmandu and Trixie to debate one another

[MOD EDIT - this post was split from an earlier discussion on 2/10 --Carleas]

I’d like to challenge myself to debate. Is that possible carleas? I’d probably lose but winning is not the only purpose of debate, despite what protagoras says. We also test our theories and ideas and learn new things.

And please fix the frickin’ site so you don’t have to log in twice to post while using a phone. Never have this problem on the laptop…

I would actually be OK with you debating yourself. I’d be a little stricter with the required parameters, but I think it could be interesting.

I think you’d need a solid topic on which people make strong arguments both ways; one you’re personally undecided on would be a bonus.

It would be limited in post count and length, something like 6 posts total, alternating sides, 200-500 words each. It could be judged or use a poll.

Are you actually interested, or is this a joke suggestion?

This thread is going off topic.

Carleas, this is a board warning. We have standards here, and rules are clearly posted, we won’t tolerate these kinds of shenanigans here at ILP. When you bring the standards down for one, you bring them down for all.

I’ve got a better idea.

Why don’t you go over to Know Thyself Forum and challenge Satyr to a debate.

Or is that something else you will blow out of your ass.

Anyone a betting man? HA!

I’m sure Zoots has debated Satyr a hundred times, we’ve all done that on one forum or another. Satyr is boring, see no point in subjecting Zoots to that sort of pointless boredom. But since your recommending it, you can do so.

The thesis is false. I’ve debated greecy a hundred and six times before.

Believe it or not I don’t much disagree with the basic structure and parameters of his views, and what disagreements I do have are usually trivia. Little logical problems but nothing out of the ordinary for a garage philosopher. He might be a pretentious asshole but thats okay too, provided you are as good as you think you are. Otherwise you permanently betray yourself as being a cornball and are forevered ruined in the eyes others. In some ways greecy has done okay here… In other ways maybe not so much. But he has a small family of peeps at kt that read his stuff, and i think thats good. If he wasn’t repeating himself at a philosophy forum all day had be watching tv instead.

Careless, WHAT is the problem with your site and keeping mobile devices logged in? Yes, its your site because it happens on three of my mobile devices. Chances of that are slim. Now I know I could remember this problem and copy and past my posts before I send them so I don’t HAVE TO TYPE THEM TWICE, but I shouldn’t have to do that. you know how hard it is for me to remember to do that? This is unfair carleas.

I agreed, and I split the topic starting with Zoot’s suggestion of debating himself.

I had thought it was a user problem, but enough people are experiencing the problem that I’m starting to doubt that. I also thought that changing devices could be causing the issue, but from your complaints it sounds like the session is ending on the same device by the time you finish posting.

I’ll make some time in the near future to investigate. In the meantime, I apologize for the inconvenience shittiness.

I take it you’re over the idea of debating yourself?

The problem with mobile devices has been going on for a while… It’s so mildly annoying to relog every time that I haven’t bothered to mention it until now and posters have mentioned it for a while now …

Just confirming …

Android Version 4.3 doesn’t do it. I can’t do private, anonymous browsing unfortunately, cause it WILL log me out.

The problem is, it doesn’t let me know if I submitted it or not, and I am afraid of going back a page, cause sometimes it deletes my info in the message box. I’ve as a response have learned to copy everything, ctrl c then ctrl v… but sometimes it deletes itself in the process… like my numerological analysis of every line in the constitution… gone forever… that’s everyone’s lost. You could of had some good reading there.

I gotta open up a second window, to go see if the first page submitted. Sometimes I see it, sometimes not.

If I don’t see it after a minute, I go back and submit it, but one times out of four, inside of Carleas Land, the first submission was just lagging, never showed up, so I double post, sometimes triple post, one time even quad posted, cause the site is acting like it has down syndrome.

But yeah, I used to get logged out always with older phones. I don’t like being seen online. Fucking pisses me off people seeing I am online. I only want to know if others are online, I never want them to see me. When I see Moreno online 4AM, I say to myself “Look at that fucking loser”, I don’t want him looking at my name thinking the same thing. Maybe I am online, maybe I am at a party with Hollywood celebrities, if he can’t figure out if it is me, then how can he know which?