I don't know, man. If you give this site to people like this

(see below)

[tab]Jakob the homo Jew be all like:

Oy vey goy, shut it down


AutSider has been warned and banned for 24 hours for his recent attacks on you, Jakob. Please let me know if he continues.

Maybe, if it was a 7 day ban I would have cared. But 1 day?


Waaaaaah the big bad AutSider hurt me waaaahh

What happened?

I reminded little Jakob of a thread where he admitted to having been anally penetrated by another man while wearing a toga.

Search his post history for “toga”, as I can’t post the link, it got deleted LOL

Suspect a twist here, in version would probably be more appropriate, as to the effects to which either party would wearily exclaim :Oh God, that’s not what is meant. But it is what it is, says the man in the middle, which in nomadic circles may imply a sandwich.

Nazis always get worst cases of butthurt

Only a 5 day ban? I still don’t feel it. Maybe, if I had been banned for a month… :evilfun:

Autard, quit larping. Get a real hobby man.

He’s got some real emotional issues.

How I missed you…

I’ve not shot a man before, and I think my arm may have been a bit shaky.

A joke. My apologies if it is deemed to be in bad taste.

What, I haven’t been banned for a month yet? Y’alls just a bunch of bitches.


The banning procedure changed recently


Since you’re on 3 warnings, your next ban is most likely to be permanent.

By which criteria do you issue those warnings? Does it depend entirely on the fact that somebody, who feels offended by a certain post, reports it to the moderators?

For example, when Jakob used one of his numerous accounts to offend AutSider - here -, shortly after the thread which is mentioned here mysteriously disappeared, did he get a ban as well, although AutSider didn’t report him ( I think)? The thread isn’t even locked and is not less offensive than the post AutSider made (which I can’t find anymore). When AutSider was banned for defending himself, merely because his post was reported, isn’t it a big advantage then to have various accounts here? Then somebody with a victim mentality could get rid of anybody he doesn’t like. Maybe that should be changed.

Being reported is not enough to warrant a warning. Reports just draw moderator attention, they don’t dictate moderator action.

Warnings on multiple accounts are, in theory, treated as by the same account. It’s “in theory” because on the internet no body knows you’re a dog.

Times never change, and the roles are not even switched around among the descendants, lol.

I had dealt with those threads and posts by Destiny and Jakob, and messaged Autsider to confirm my actions taken, to him. There is no bias towards one or the other coming into play, but watching things develop can be amusing… to say the least, so it would be fantastic if this happened without the ad homs etc.

You can find all the fucks I give in this room:

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