i find a secret of this site?


or i’ve shown again i’m an internet idiot? just never saw it before when i ‘explored’ this site in a normal way.


For serious though, I remember this, but I can’t remember where I read it before. I tried looking in the old news section on the front page, but it’s not there. Hmm, a mystery that only Ben can solve.

Nice work digging it up, how did you find it?


It’s not really part of the website, I just put it on the same webserver because that’s where I had space at the time. The concept started quite a while ago now when I was reading lots of webjournals and sensed a running theme through most of them - that i had a loathing for the people writing them.

All the classic ones are documented in the article. One of the focus points was the journal of a friend of my ex-gf who i couldn’t stand and epitomised everything i dislike about the human race. The overzealous wording was characteristic of my fervent nature at the time.

so there you have it, the story behind that part. enjoy reading it!

  • ben

I read through it again, and goddamn ben, you really hate these people!

But I can’t help thinking that you should have made it a touch shorter. i submit my humble proposal.

Why I hate webjournals – Ben Harwood
Dear webjournalers,

You suck at the internet.


Yahoo searching result:

I Love Philosophy.com
includes message boards and monthly articles written by members on a variety of subjects.
ilovephilosophy.com/ cached | more results from this site
More sites about: Humanities > Philosophy

then pick the violet part.

very private diary welcome to read: …was calm and bored… suddenly got too excited to read the words appearing on the screen in front of me and coudn’t tell was actually laughing or crying like taking drugs i guess. after that… was consciouss that all those behaviors metioned were things i ever did, wanted and planed to do in my imaginary personal site so… decided would do every single thing of them thoroughly in my site one day then maybe more masterpiece would appear because of it! now am again tired and bored as usual.