I hate you all

This forum is nothing more than a bunch of fake, lousy friends. Every single person on this board I have helped and supported with their forums by making an account, logging in and making posts to support their forums. Yet when it is my turn, you all are nowhere to be found. Even WendyDarling, who I thought was my friend, turned out to be a fake friend as well and wouldn’t even support up to my forums. Mama Hen isn’t very pleased.

This has been a total trend of my life and I’m sick of it. You know, my entire life has been nothing but a bunch of rejection and failure, I don’t even like basketball but I was always last pick for basketball even though I was one of the best players on the field. And I’m sick of all you.

I’m still the leader of these forums, so I give one of my last orders and commands: Abandon the gender shit. Stop talking about gender in terms of hating one group more than the other. It was feminists idea to bring up the gender gap in the first place, and you are playing into their hands. If a girl does something shitty to you, then say “I have encountered lots of girls who are shitty people, how can we change these girls.” Instead of saying “Girls are inherently shitty.” Stuff like this is playing into Feminists hands, it was they who started the “all males are shitty” club and by structuring our statements like them, we are playing into what they want us to do.

Even me? I don’t post anywhere else except a finance forum and that’s probably pretty boring to the people here. I’ve never promised to post on anyone’s forum.

I didn’t read the last part of your post, but it probably doesn’t apply to me either.

You poor, poor slave to the random.

Well, I don’t hate mr.reasonable more than someone like, pandora, who is a man hating feminist. Nor do I hate him more than WendyDarling, who is a benedict arnold traitor.

I am a slave to the random, that is why I stay indoors. Whenever I go out, there are all these beautiful women…walking pieces of rejection about to happen…But if I don’t publically humiliate myself by flirting with them, I go home and regret it, the regret festers into a psychological torment. So I flirt with them, and I get rejected…I have hundreds, if not thousands of rejections under my belt. I am like a machine. It is like that song of Marylyn mason…I hate all the beautiful people.

You just gotta practice that game. Women are just as horny as men.

But, aren’t you a beautiful person at that rate and if so, do you realize you hate yourself finally? Try loving, it’s harder, but it’s far more worthwhile.

Not horny for me.

I used to think I was beautiful, but I guess noone else shares that sentiment.

Pics please.

Nah. I’ll only post the pics where I look beautiful. But in real life I’m not that hot. It’s like how Michael Jackson looks cute in some pics, but in other pics looks terrible.

Surely I am not deserving of your hate either I’ve been always been nice to you plus ibdpnt much care about looks I care more about how two people feel about each other inside and out. On that score, lately I’ve been able to temper my sex drive since becoming clean and sober 1 week ago.

You never joined my forums, nor did you ever start talking normal except for now. Despite all this, you are low on my hatemeter.

The anti-depressants I am on makes me lose any sex-drive…but even with low-sex drive, the pain of rejection still hurts. For me, sex is more than just the physical act.

I am somewhat relieved and distressed at the same time for even neomg on the list low as it is.however true to sublimate any oppressive verbal masturbative ejaculatiations since in really believe that Hegel’s use of the word sublimation was adequate within its own context.

That much said in defense of any charges of not making sense.

you hate me… good, I feel better about life now…


Tell me about it…

I set up a twitter once, used it for weeks and not one single person followed me…I made music once, uploaded several tracks to a music site and only had maybe 2 followers which im sure were not real people… …i’ve been on deviant art for 8 months now, submitted 51 paintings…and not one single comment on my art has been made…

Apparently, more than 3 billion people using the internet…but not a single one is paying attention to me…

I have no friends on the internet
i have no friends in real life…

Constantly rejected by the whole world for being strange and weird.

i try to be more objective, to act apart of the world but to not really be apart of it… but sometimes i want to be apart of it, but when i try to be all i come across is stupid people like pandora and slimebags like mr reasonable

Yes, yes, please let us be more objective from now on, and the first thing that can be done is to help Ultimate overcome her feeling of being hated, even if it exists to the degree she feels it. Let’s face it, we live in an age of general anxiety and suspiciousness, and if that state goes on, onrelenting, it can lead to the athmosphere of inclusion, where all of society is infected with it.

The conspiratorial nature of the social atmosphere has already arrived, with its ultimate symbol:the Trump era, where we all are on the verge of becoming privy to the viral attacks of informational conspiracies, of not really knowing what source of facts we should or can believe in.

So is it any wonder that poor Trixie has also, the sensitive soul that she is, has become a victim of this?

The antics and political gyrastics happening on these boards is nothing compared to high level stabs in the back in our current administration, and for those of us who are trying to get out of this miasma of doubt and hatred, and who look up to our leaders for guidance stemming from some model behavior, the future is not all that promising.

Instead, what is visible is the opposite, that in order to succeed in life, one has to trample upon lesser beings , overcoming their very weaknesses, whether be they the immature, the young, or those whom the sense of human descent You has left, trampled among the millions of innocent and powerless, who have been totally destroyed and stymied into the ashbins of poverty, and the contexts of hopeless survival.

If this is allowed to go on, the next step will involve deliberate misuse of so called justice, to bear physical means of further human subjugation and total alianation.

So let’s get out from our individual hates here, in a supposed enlightened and informed forum, take up the noble efforts of the flame of divine philosophy, to lift those millions of unfortunates, who do not share the capacity of those, like we have here at ILP.

The only thing left for me to say to aUltimate Philosophy is that share Your bitter struggle with less intellectually gifted members of society, uncover and lift the hidden faces of those many, who are ashamed of our country, and as a consequence themselves, and help imbue them with the basic principles our founding fathers meant for us. Escape, escape from the tyranny of overbearing authority, and fly into the ethereal liberty of sharing the god given gifts America the blessed was and still is, capable to offer humanity.

Be well, my friend, Ultimate Lhilosophy, Cheers !

You’ll be more mentally and spiritually beautiful by the time we’re done working together. That I can guarantee. It’s the paring away of everything else to get to who you are that’s the tough part. Every bitch outwardly has an inner sweetheart waiting to find the right time to come out and every sweetheart in outward appearance often has a bitch just raging to get out and play. You’re already more beautiful for it all than you perhaps realize.

Your forum is dormant and intellectually unstimulating. And you need to stop with the broken record about why you cannot get laid as that is not helping matters
So find something positive to do with your life. Something that does not involve you losing your virginity. Unless you want to be miserable for the rest of your life
I would love to see you give your life purpose or meaning but the only person who can do that is you. All I see is constant complaining. No wonder you are on anti depressants. Change your mental attitude and you might feel better. Focusing upon the negative all the time is not good for you. Try some positivity for a change

Some people can hack being alone in the world. Some cannot. I find things to do which provide intellectual stimulation so being alone
does not bother me. I find it positively beneficial because it gives me both physical and psychological space. You cannot make anyone
like you. But you can accept a limitation by filling the gap with something else instead. Something that you do have some control over

Why am I a slimebag? Because I get laid?

Its hard for geniuses to make friends. There is a certain comfortability with being around stupid people, and being comfortable with trivial stupid activities, that is required to socialize - one must feel at peace with the lowest common intelligence of the group, as well as the group’s most boring of activities.

I am your friend.